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Innovative Green Products and New Technologies Grow End Markets for Recycled Food and Beverage Cartons

DES MOINES, Iowa – In response to growing demand for its green building products, the ReWall Company announced today that it is doubling its manufacturing capacity of roofing products and other construction materials made from recycled food and beverage cartons.

ReWall converts cartons into high-performance, sustainable building materials through its low-energy, eco-friendly recycling technology. In July, ReWall installed new equipment to expand the capacity of its manufacturing facility in Des Moines, Iowa. This increases its need for recycled cartons from about 200 tonnes a month to about 600 tonnes, and likely to even higher.

ReWall converts cartons into high-performance, sustainable building materials through its low-energy, eco-friendly recycling technology. Photo Credit: ReWall Company

"We have discovered that the unique properties of food and beverage cartons, such as strength, durability and resistance to mold and moisture, make them an ideal material for creating high-quality building materials," said Jan Rayman, chief executive officer of the ReWall Company. "In addition, the life cycle of the cartons will continue as the building materials can also be recycled."

Founded in 2008, ReWall has worked closely with the Carton Council to expand end markets for cartons used for many common food and beverage products. The Carton Council provided financial and technical support for ReWall's new equipment, and shares in ReWall's commitment to growing this innovative end market for recycled cartons.

"ReWall's success reinforces how important food and beverage carton recycling is in Canada," said Isabelle Faucher, managing director of the Carton Council of Canada. "We recognize that in parts of Canada recent movement of post-consumer carton loads has been difficult, which is why we are especially excited about this growing end market as part of a larger recycling solution. This innovation provides an opportunity for cartons to be reclaimed into environmentally friendly building materials, allowing the cartons to live on."

Through advanced technology developed specifically for ReWall's needs, the manufacturing process uses no water, formaldehyde glues or hazardous chemicals. No waste is generated, and every part of the carton is incorporated into the finished products, which include roof cover board, exterior sheathing, wallboard and floor underlayment. For every truckload of ReWall's roof cover board, about 600,000 cartons are given a second life.

ReWall's products have gained the attention of various companies and institutions in Canada seeking a strong, reliable product that is also good for the environment. The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority recently installed ReWall's interior wallboard in its new Toronto office. Additionally, Rewall's EssentialBoard sheathing is being used in the Zero House green building project, a joint effort of the Endeavour Centre and Ryerson University's Department of Architectural Science. The home was designed to have zero net energy, zero carbon footprint and zero toxins and is being built for display at the EDITdx Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology in Toronto this fall.

Rewall EssentialBoard, made from 100% recycled food and beverage cartons, was used in the Zero House green building project. Photo Credit: ReWall Company

In addition to being used to make ReWall's products, recycled food and beverage cartons also go on to make tissues, paper towels and other paper products.

For more information about carton recycling, visit RecycleCartons.ca. For more information about ReWall, visit ReWallSolutions.com.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, ReWall is an award-winning manufacturing company that converts food and beverage cartons into healthy, high-performance green building materials through a low-energy, eco-friendly recycling technology.

CCC was established in 2009. It replicates similar associative models that have been put in place, including the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) in Europe, and the Carton Council of North America. Working together, member companies drive joint efforts to grow carton recycling. CCC's goal is to build a sustainable carton recycling value chain. Our efforts focus on driving collaboration among key stakeholders that can effectively grow carton recycling, ensuring adequate legislation and promoting greater understanding of carton recycling throughout the value chain.

Source: ReWall Company

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