KruKraft Natural by Kruger

Paper Advancement

Introducing KruKraft Natural, the cleanest and strongest paper grade made from 100% post-consumer content

Why KruKraft Natural?

Our paper may be brown, but when you see it, you’ll realize it is the greenest paper you’ve ever encountered.

1. It's 100% made from post-consumer paper

Our paper is 100% recycled

KruKraft natural is made from 100% post-consumer paper, yet has the same cleanliness and strength as paper made from virgin fibers.

Exceptional Paper

‍Kruger has developed a unique, proprietary manufacturing process for a new paper grade that is made from 100% recycled post-consumer content and every bit as strong and clean as paper made from virgin fibre. Most paper mills claim that their paper is “100% recycled” when in fact it contains only a small percentage of recycled post-consumer content, with the rest consisting in recycled post-industrial content. This means that content is sourced from excess paper and trim from the virgin papermaking process, which are sometimes dyed to resemble brown paper, and not from recycled paper and paperboard sourced from consumers and businesses.
Since sustainability is at the very heart of our mission, we decided to bring a truly environmentally responsible solution to the market by offering KruKraft Natural, so that our customers can take great pride in stating that the paper they use is greener than green.

Bringing about Sustainable Change

‍At Kruger, we generate more than 1,600 GWh of green energy annually from renewable sources; we recycle hundreds of thousands of tonnes of paper and containerboard; we manufacture 100% recycled packaging and paper products; we make every effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at all our establishments; we find alternatives to fossil fuels; and we work hard to reduce our environmental footprint. KruKraft Natural is definitely part of our desire to reduce, reuse and recycle, as is every corporate decision we make.

With a carbon footprint that’s more than 50 per cent less that of virgin fibre paper, KruKraft Natural will enable you to reduce your environmental impact while maintaining the same level of quality. It’s simple. And green.

2. It's FDA-compliant for direct food contact

Through a unique, proprietary manufacturing process, we were able to make KruKraft Natural as clean as paper made from virgin fibres.

As clean as can be

KruKraft Natural is as clean and as stong as paper made from virgin fibres.

Green, and clean...

At Kruger, we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of innovation. Fully FDA compliant for direct contact with food, KruKraft Natural will propel your brand to the forefront of sustainable food packaging adopters by contributing to the elimination of single-use plastics, all while achieving your ambitious waste reduction goals. Highly versatile, our innovative paper can be used in a variety of industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, and retail. The possibilities are wide-ranging!

Choosing a sustainable future

FSC certified, KruKraft Natural also meets forest management standards, which encourage the protection of water quality, prohibit the harvesting of rare old-growth forests, prevent the loss of natural forest cover and prohibit the use of extremely dangerous chemicals, which are all unique aspects of the FSC certification.

‍If your business wants to go green with its packaging, fill out the form below so that our team can help you get there.
Together, let's be part of the solution in waste reduction.

3. It's as strong and as clean as paper made from virgin fibers

FiloCell, an exceptional, biodegradable and compostable reinforcing agent, exclusive to Kruger, enhances the resistance of KruKraft Natural.

4. It's made by one of the largest paper recycler in North America

Not only that, but by partnering with us, you will get exclusive access to recycling services and solutions.


Source: Kruger