Metsä Board and Esbottle are developing a new concept for an ecological paperboard flute cup for celebration drinks

Paper Advancement

Metsä Board, a leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards and part of Metsä Group, and the Finnish start-up company Esbottle have been jointly developing an ecological and appealing paperboard flute cup concept that meets the need to reduce the use of plastic.

The newly designed paperboard cup is a stylish solution for celebration drinks, as well as lightweight and easy to transport and recycle. It can be personalised using traditional printing methods and special effects.

Esbottle, based in Espoo, develops innovative, responsible and high-quality solutions for the beverage and food industry. The innovative shape of the paperboard cup is the result of collaboration between Esbottle and Metsä Board's packaging design team. The classic flute shaped design consists of two parts enabling the cup and base sections to be stored inside each other so they can be transported and recycled efficiently.“Together with Esbottle, we are now testing the concept and researching material options, while exploring the market interest and other potential uses. I think this innovative paperboard cup is an excellent example of combining paperboard potential, design and new technology in an ecological way,” says Ilkka Harju, Packaging Services Director of EMEA & APAC, Metsä Board.

Source: Metsä Board