Ocean-saving packaging paper by delfort

Paper Advancement

thinbarrier® eco – the iconic and truly sustainable food packaging paper by delfort – has taken the food industry by storm. Now TÜV has certified thinbarrier® eco Marine Biodegradable.

If the paper accidentally ends up in the ocean, it completely degrades within 28 days without added chemicals or special conditions.

In fact, food wrapping has never been cleaner. Spearheading the modern paper revolution, thinbarrier® eco comes with a vegetable-based, grease resistant coating with the paper being wax free, fluorocarbon/PFOA/PFAS free, non-toxic and free from heavy metals. The food wrap paper is produced using virgin fibers sourced from FSC®[1]/PEFC certified forests.

thinbarrier® eco is ideal for protecting food products and keeping them fresh and tasty thereby supporting quick service restaurants globally to wrap their hamburgers, sandwiches and wraps with this revolutionary, high functional, environmentally friendly  paper.

Source: delfort

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