NeoLigno® by Stora Enso: A renewable binder for the construction industry

Source: Stora Enso

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The construction industry is under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Stora Enso, a leading renewable materials company, is making a significant contribution with NeoLigno®, a bio-based binder for insulation materials.

This innovative product replaces traditional binders loaded with harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and isocyanates. These chemicals pose health risks and negatively impact the environment, but NeoLigno® offers a safer and more eco-friendly alternative.

Made from lignin, a readily available byproduct of the pulp industry, NeoLigno® boasts impressive credentials. It matches or even surpasses the performance of traditional binders in terms of mechanical strength, fire resistance, and moisture resistance. This ensures the long-term integrity and effectiveness of insulation materials.

"The switch to NeoLigno® requires no major production line modifications," says Sara Fäldt, R&D Senior Specialist at Stora Enso. This makes it an attractive option for insulation manufacturers seeking to embrace sustainability without disrupting their operations.

The benefits extend beyond the manufacturing process. NeoLigno® contributes to healthier indoor environments by eliminating formaldehyde from insulation materials. This translates to improved air quality in homes, workplaces, and schools, creating a safer and more comfortable space for occupants.

"We are committed to sustainability and innovation," says Paolo Vaccari, CEO at Eurofibre, a company currently testing NeoLigno®. "This new formaldehyde-free binder is a significant step towards providing our customers with safer, more environmentally friendly insulation solutions."

With industrial-scale production underway and easy delivery options across Europe, NeoLigno® is poised to revolutionize the construction industry.