Committed to Upholding Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

“FSC has brought Indigenous rights and titles to the forefront of forestry practice.” Valérie Courtois, Director at the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, member of the Innu community of Mashteuiatsh and Registered Forest Professional (RFP).

Supported by top Environmental Organizations

From the air we breath, to the products we use and the medicines we need, humans could not survive without forests.

Register for FSC Forest Week 2024

It has never been more crucial to raise awareness and inspire responsible actions that positively impact our environment.

Visit us at Vancouver Design Thinkers

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of sustainable graphic design? Join us at FSC Canada's booth at DesignThinkers Vancouver – Canada’s largest graphic design conference!

Groundbreaking study confirms FSC standards are vital for thriving wildlife in tropical forests

new study reveals compelling evidence that forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) in Gabon and the Republic of Congo harbour a higher abundance of larger mammals and critically endangered species, such as gorillas and elephants, compared to non-FSC certified forests.

Second Public Consultation of the Ecosystem Services Procedure open

FSC-PRO-30-006 Ecosystem Services Procedure sets out the requirements for managers of FSC-certified forests to demonstrate the impact of their activities on the maintenance or enhancement of ecosystem services and improves their access to ecosystem services markets.

Six steps companies can take now to prepare for EUDR

The EU Commission is set to provide further clarity regarding the requirements of the European Union Regulation on Deforestation-free Products (EUDR). Yet, organizations don’t need to wait to begin their journey toward EUDR compliance.

Forests Unveiled: Navigating Climate and Biodiversity Challenges with the Forest Stewardship Council – podcast episode

In this episode of In With the New, Monika Patel, Director of Communications and Marketing, discusses the critical role forests play in mitigating the climate crisis and maintaining biodiversity and how consumers, by purchasing FSC-certified products, can drive real change in the forest.

FSC US Announces New Leadership

Forest Stewardship Council United States (FSC US) announced the appointment of Sarah Billig as its new President following a comprehensive internal and external search.

FSC-certified Pirelli tyres debut at F1

For the first time, Pirelli’s complete range of FSC-certified tyres roll on the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship™

Request for proposals to revise FSC Risk Assessments

Forest Stewardship Council is inviting proposals for the review and revision of existing national and centralized risk assessments related to forest products.

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