DS Smith Partners with Carlsberg Poland to Introduce Innovative Round Wrap Packaging

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DS Smith and Carlsberg Poland have partnered to introduce an innovative packaging solution called Round Wrap, aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and improving sustainability in beer packaging.

This pioneering multi-pack packaging design features rounded corners and is fully recyclable, offering significant environmental benefits.

The Round Wrap solution is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 224 tons annually for Carlsberg in Poland when compared to standard corrugated multi-packs. This reduction is achieved through the design's ability to minimize the use of shrink film on pallets and its overall more efficient packaging structure.

Key features and benefits of the DS Smith Round Wrap include:

  1. Sustainability: The packaging is fully recyclable and designed to reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Product protection: The fiber-based design with rounded corners helps keep products intact during transportation.
  3. Branding opportunities: The rounded shape allows for increased brand visibility, with 360-degree surface area for logos and illustrations.
  4. Consumer appeal: A survey conducted by DS Smith and Toluna showed that consumers prefer the Round Wrap design for its enhanced shelf appeal.

DS Smith's design team utilized their proprietary Circular Design Metrics (CDM) tools to measure the impact of the new packaging solution. This process involves eight key indicators, including carbon footprint, design for reuse, supply chain optimization, and materials utilization, allowing for accurate assessment of the packaging's sustainability performance.

Reinier Schlatmann, Regional Managing Director of DS Smith's Packaging Division for East Europe, expressed pride in the partnership with Carlsberg Poland, emphasizing the alignment of this innovation with DS Smith's commitment to redefining packaging for a changing world and their Now & Next Sustainability strategy.

The Round Wrap solution, which utilizes Arcwise® technology, is currently being trialed by Carlsberg Poland for their Carlsberg, Garage, and Somersby beer product ranges. This collaboration demonstrates a significant step towards more sustainable packaging practices in the beverage industry, potentially setting a new standard for eco-friendly multi-pack solutions.