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RYAM has begun producing bioethanol from Landes pine and plans to produce aviation fuel

RYAM, an American company specializing in wood chemistry, launched the production of second-generation cellulosic bioethanol at its Tartas site in the Landes region in April 2024.

UPM's Sustainable Vision: Leading the Charge Towards Renewable Biochemicals and Green Innovation

In the realm of sustainable solutions, UPM emerges as a frontrunner, investing strategically in the biochemical industry. This move isn't just about business; it's a testament to their commitment to a future less reliant on fossil fuels.

Now the jointly owned biorefinery for biofuel has opened

The jointly owned biorefinery, owned by SCA and St1, is now inaugurated. When fully operational in Gothenburg, the refinery will contribute an annual production of around 200,000 tons of renewable fuel.

Mercer Rosenthal Pioneers Lignin Valorization with Pilot Lignin Center

Mercer Rosenthal has made a significant investment in lignin technology, with the commissioning of the LignoBoost XS pilot plant in August 2023 in Rosenthal, Germany.

Suzano Ventures invests up to US$5 million into Bioform Technologies to further develop bio-based plastic alternatives

Suzano Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Suzano, the world’s largest market pulp producer, has made a strategic investment into the Canadian materials science startup, Bioform Technologies.

B.C. Forests Feel the Burn: Japan's Biomass Demand Raises Sustainability Concerns

British Columbia's once plentiful forests are facing a new threat: the booming biomass industry in Japan.

Origin Materials Converts Wood Residue Feedstock into Sustainable Intermediates at Commercial-Scale Plant

Feedstock milestone demonstrates versatility and scalability of biomass conversion technology

Enviva Announces Comprehensive Agreements to Delever Balance Sheet and Strengthen Financial Position

Restructuring Plan Expected to Reduce Debt by Approximately $1.0 Billion, Improve Profitability, and Better Position the Business for Long-Term Success

Major Players Unite to Push for Sustainable Aviation Fuels

The aviation industry is taking a big step towards a greener future with the formation of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Coalition.

Södra’s liquid biofuel venture enters a new phase

In agreement with Statkraft, Södra has decided to sell its share in Silva Green Fuel. Biorefineries play a key role in Södra’s strategy and the aim is to implement a future commercialisation in Götaland.

Arctic Paper invests SEK 285 million in bioenergy in Grycksbo

Arctic Paper has decided to invest SEK 285 million in the expansion and upgrade of the biofuel installation at the mill in Grycksbo.