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LignoTech South Africa (LignoTech) is an equal partnership joint venture between Sappi Southern Africa Limited (“Sappi”) and Borregaard AS of Norway (“Borregaard”).

The project to establish a biorefinery connected to Östrand’s pulp mill is proceeding according to plan.

(UPM, Helsinki, 4 October 2018 at 14:00 EET) - The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for UPM's possible Kotka Biorefinery in Finland has been completed and given to the authorities for their final conclusions.

The world’s consumption of valuable resources is reaching its limits and we need to make a giant leap towards a circular economy.

Packaging that tells you the condition of the food inside, paper that cleans polluted air and smart plasters that communicate with your doctor; these are just a few examples of what we can do thanks to bio-based electronics.

The European project CelluWiz started in June 2019 with its kick-off held on 12-13th at CTP in Grenoble.

We have concerns regarding the proposed torrefied pellet plant for South Hazelton by Gitxsan Development Corp. We encourage local development and jobs, but question many unknowns.

After a number of complaints made against Pinnacle Pellet by residents who live near the wood pellet plant, the company is taking action.

The urgency of the climate crisis is inspiring some extreme and unproven ideas for how to hide carbon and cool the planet, such as ocean fertilization, turning CO2 into rocks, and seeding the atmosphere to dim the sun.

August 27, 2019 Sarnia, Ontario - Canada’s forest sector remains a vital source of wealth for Canadians, providing economic, social and environmental benefits. By investing in Canada’s forest sector, the Government of Canada is growing the economy while protecting our environment.

Renewable biofuels and plywood offer solid solutions for green transport – without requiring costly investment in new cars or fuel distribution systems.

BC’s pulp and paper mills still use fossil fuels like oil and gas, producing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

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