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UPM BioMotion™ Renewable Functional Fillers (RFF) represent UPM's latest revolutionary development in sustainable solutions.

The Finnish company UPM-Kymmene selected Siemens Energy to supply electrification, automation, and digitalization (EAD) packages for a next-generation biorefinery currently under construction in Leuna, Germany.

A research and demonstration facility aimed at accelerating the development of low-carbon, market-ready bioenergy products and carbon-negative energy systems has opened its doors at the University of British Columbia. 

CelluForce recently completed an industrial scale up trial on LDPE packaging film. 1 GSM of CelluForce NCC® was coated on a 54.5’’ roll for 1400LFT.

A sustainable product is a mosaic of many individual building blocks – Kelheim Fibres, the world’s first viscose fibre producer with an EMAS-certified environmental management system, is constantly working to further improve every single one of these building blocks.

Norske Skog’s immense process industry experience combined with on-going innovation activities led to the development of nano-cellulose product CEBINA (CNF – cellulose nano fibrils or MFC - microfibrillated cellulose).

A bio-enegy plant in Fort St. James that was shuttered in July less than five years after it went into operation will be acquired and restarted by a new consortium of owners.

An abundance of biomass and the potential to land major industrial customers is a drawing card for a Toronto clean-tech and green energy company to consider setting up shop in Kirkland Lake.

The innovative EU-funded Arbaflame project is aiming to produce 70’000 tonnes biomass-based combustibles per year to enable clean power generation.

Production is now underway at Pyrocell's plant in Gävle. The new and groundbreaking factory is turning sawdust into bio-oil.

Lignocellulose from various plants is a prominent raw material for biofuels. Today, the technologies for utilising the biomass are ready for upscaling.

Cascadia needs to move heavy vehicles and industry off fossil fuels. Meet the people inventing life after diesel.