EPIQ increases its automation capacity with a new division: NOVIMEQ Automation

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Montreal (Canada) and Pune (India), June 26, 2024 – EPIQ Machinery Chief Executive Officer, Éloïse Harvey, ADF Engineering Plant Head, Bhushan Bachhav, and NOVIMEQ Automation Managing Director, Rishabh Kaushik and Services Director, Rupali Kaushik are announcing proudly the inauguration of their new spinoff entity: NOVIMEQ Automation.

As the main shareholder of ADF EngineeringEPIQ Machinery is pleased with the creation of NOVIMEQ Automation, a brand-new team specializing in automation technologies. This addition to the group is in line with the company growth vision and its ongoing commitment to timely deliver high quality materials handling systems to its customers worldwide.

Knowledge and Expertise
NOVIMEQ Automation is born from a core of ADF Engineering employees. It also welcomes the team of former MOR4SYS Private Limited, bringing onboard experienced engineers committed to deliver unparalleled industrial automation and digitalization solutions. The company is showing in-depth comprehensive range of services including detailed designing and consultancy, software development, integration and testing, supervision for erection and commissioning, and automation training.

Bridges to the future
NOVIMEQ niche expertise will help us building bridges by adding more automation technologies in our integrated equipment's solutions and embrace at full speed the 4.0 technology turn. Their mission is to leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best quality industrial automation solutions and services, led by a team of top-tier professionals committed to exceeding customer expectations and driving continuous improvement.

Beyond Boundaries
The group already operates in a variety of sectors such as: robotics, technical competency development, process and safety, industry 4.0 and digitalization, CNC systems, simulations and virtual commissioning. In addition to this, NOVIMEQ will work with EPIQ Machinery technical teams towards greater automation integration to their heavy-duty equipment solution offers like: AGVs, AMRs and robotic arms.

Supporting growth
Prior to this transaction, EPIQ's team counted over 600 employees spread across various operating sites in Canada, India, France and the Middle East. The addition of the NOVIMEQ Automation group increases the workforce of about twenty engineers. With the global increase in automation demands, this move enables EPIQ be ready to provide required support, services and technical competencies to meet this demand and stay ahead as a heavy-duty machinery OEM leader. It also gives the group adequate resources to meet its future growth objectives and keep delivering the highest industry standards. All stakeholders are positively welcoming NOVIMEQ Automation to the EPIQ Machinery group.

- Quotes -

EPIQ Machinery
The creation of NOVIMEQ Automation is a corner stone for our growth strategy. We are reinforcing our synergies and consolidating our global presence. With our various centers of operations in Canada, France, India and Bahrain, we are increasing not only our local capacities, but also our flexibility to better service the global heavy-duty equipment market. Indeed, EPIQ Machinery wants to expand its revenue stream by expanding its range of products and services, including those in automation and digitalization.

- Éloïse Harvey, CEO, EPIQ Machinery

ADF Engineering
As we unveil NOVIMEQ Automation, we're embarking on a transformative journey. We are excited to see our company gain momentum. The on boarding of NOVIMEQ team within EPIQ Machinery group will bring positive assets for greater automation ensuring our continuous growth, as well as that of the EPIQ Machinery group.

- Bhushan Bachhav, Plant Head, ADF Engineering

NOVIMEQ Automation
NOVIMEQ Automation vision embraces those from EPIQ Machinery: to become a trusted Iconic Brand in providing Industrial Automation Integration Solutions, Services & Technical Competency Development, setting with pride the benchmark for excellence and innovation in the global heavy-duty domain. Joining EPIQ Machinery group just open a new playground in which we are eager to dive in.

- Rishabh Kaushik, Managing Director, NOVIMEQ Automation

Former MOR4SYS team is thrilled to forging ahead with EPIQ Machinery to elevate our business to the next level. Now, under NOVIMEQ Automation Private Limited, we are excited about working together and looking forward to new opportunities.

- Rupali Kaushik, Services Director, NOVIMEQ Automation

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