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K: Tell me about your career path and how you got to Kadant.

The previous knowledge I’ve gained, and my expertise has positioned me well to spot key trends, offer a fresh perspective and ultimately make informed, strategic decisions to further elevate Cascades Tissue Group as both a thought leader and a customer centric company.

The Jobs Where You Grow interview series showcases the career path and dedication to the forest products sector of people who have reached management positions while working in production at Resolute Forest Products. Their professional journey provides insight into the career growth opportunities available in the forest products industry.

Kingsey Falls, Québec, October 19, 2021 - Cascades is pleased to announce the appointment of François David as Vice-President of Sales for Cascades PRO in addition to his responsibilities as Vice-President of Marketing and Innovation for Cascades Tissue Group.

Jan Svedjebrant has been appointed acting General Counsel of SCA effective December 1, 2021

In a growing metro area where, on average, more than half of residents are under 40, Vanécia “V” Carr, Domtar’s Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management for Pulp and Paper, has been called one to watch by the Charlotte Business Journal.