KATZ Food Board: Revolutionizing Food Packaging with Sustainable Innovation

Source: Koehler Group

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In the realm of sustainable packaging solutions, KATZ, a Koehler Group company, has emerged with a groundbreaking product—KATZ Food Board.

This innovative material, based on wood pulp, is poised to transform the way food is packaged, offering both environmental benefits and unparalleled safety standards.

At its core, KATZ Food Board is crafted from wood pulp sourced exclusively from sustainable forestry and regional suppliers. The wood used is a byproduct of forest management practices like thinning, ensuring minimal environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability extends throughout KATZ's production processes, ensuring that every step adheres to eco-friendly principles.

Jürgen Schulz, Managing Director of KATZ, highlights the material's purity and safety: "The all-natural components in our wood pulp board make it one-of-a-kind. Customers can place food directly on KATZ Food Board without concern, as it is free from harmful substances that could leach into packed products." The board's adherence to food safety standards is reinforced by its ISEGA certification, providing assurance of its suitability for direct contact with food.

KATZ Food Board is designed for a multitude of uses, from packaging pastries and fruits to preserving meats, sausages, and cheeses. The product lineup is categorized into two main variants:

  1. KATZ Food Board Pure: This natural, unprocessed variant is ideal for direct contact with dry and greasy foods, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging materials. Its versatility and eco-friendly nature make it a preferred choice for environmentally conscious consumers and businesses alike.

  2. Laminated Versions: Soon to be launched, these variants incorporate laminated films or foils—such as gold foil, silver foil, or transparent film—to enhance barrier properties. This makes them suitable for packaging moist and greasy foods like salmon, meats, and pastries, ensuring freshness and extending shelf life while maintaining eco-friendly credentials.

KATZ aims to replace conventional plastic packaging with its eco-friendly alternatives, promoting the widespread adoption of recyclable materials in the food packaging industry. By offering products that combine sustainability with high-performance packaging solutions, KATZ is leading the charge towards a more sustainable future.