In future, Artificial Intelligence-driven applications will play an increasing role in transforming data into actionable new insights and optimization solutions. New AI-based systems can automatically classify and synthesize a large amount of data and learn the best operating parameters from historical data.

In today’s world of electrical energy, paper mills and box plants still prefer steam to deliver heat energy to their processes. To understand why steam technology remains the most effective process heat source for paper mills, box plants and many other process industries, it’s useful to understand its intrinsic benefits.

Mayr-Melnhof Karton in Kolicevo, Slovenia produces premium recycled and virgin fiber-based cartonboard grades on two board machines with grammages between 200 and 500g/m². Key markets are food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as other demanding applications.

In my last blog post entitled ”Operational Readiness and Commissioning Plans: the Key to a Successful Start”, we looked at how BBA gets started with creating an operational readiness and commissioning plan that includes the following seven steps:

Industrial electric motors are the “life blood” of your plant’s operation. The theoretical design life of an electric motor is 20 years or more. Yet many tens of thousands of industrial electric motors end up in the trash pile prematurely. This results in an enormous loss for industries across the board.

The production of paper and fabrics includes the handling of rolls and reels at the end of the production process. These rolls must be moved from the forming or primary processing machines to other machines for further processing, or they must simply be stored correctly. Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are often used to automate the movement of these reels.

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