On-machine grinding has proven itself a cost- and time-efficient alternative to dryer cylinder replacement and off-machine grinding. Companies that provide quality on-machine grinding service can refinish and renew cylinders for 40 to 50 percent less than the overall cost of off-machine grinding or even replacement.

In future, Artificial Intelligence-driven applications will play an increasing role in transforming data into actionable new insights and optimization solutions. New AI-based systems can automatically classify and synthesize a large amount of data and learn the best operating parameters from historical data.

The news headlines are regularly reminding us that critical infrastructure, industrial control systems and other cyber-physical systems are prime prey for nation states and hackers who want to cause real-world damage and chaos.

In today’s world of electrical energy, paper mills and box plants still prefer steam to deliver heat energy to their processes. To understand why steam technology remains the most effective process heat source for paper mills, box plants and many other process industries, it’s useful to understand its intrinsic benefits.

Many years ago now, as technology began to ramp up in the manufacturing world, process leaders began to focus on removing variabilities. The thought was, in operations, “If we can reduce variabilities in our processes, then our finished product becomes much more consistent.”

Mayr-Melnhof Karton in Kolicevo, Slovenia produces premium recycled and virgin fiber-based cartonboard grades on two board machines with grammages between 200 and 500g/m². Key markets are food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as other demanding applications.

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