Buy-Back and Roll-Cycling, Engraving Solutions' environmentally sustainable solutions to curb energy waste and reduce costs

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Engraving Solutions, the Körber Group company that specializes in designing and engraving embossing rolls, presents two innovative services that meet tissue manufacturers’ demand for products with a low environmental impact.

Giacomo Tambellini, Sales Account and Product Engineer comments:

“We have long been witnessing two needs in our customers: on the one hand, the demand for solutions that are able to contain the waste of energy and raw materials, and on the other hand, to “cost saving” with a view to eco-sustainability. The rolls used in the production process, over time, may be subject to degradation or sudden damage. In addition, the changing needs of the market fan that rolls may go out of production because the eimbossing pattern became old fashion. Through these two Buy-Back and Roll-Cycling services, we believe, in our role as a strategic all-round solution partner, that we have responded to customer and market demands.”

Indeed, embossed rolls are a strategic element of a tissue converting line that can not only help manufacturers differentiate their products but also improve their technical characteristics and aesthetic .
Buy-Back and Roll-Cycling are complementary: the first is in fact a buy-back service, conceived after a careful evaluation of the unused embossing rollers by the Körber purchasing department; the engraved pattern on the roller is immediately destroyed and the surface regenerated to be used again.

The second service is Roll-Cycling, thanks to which a new roller is made starting from the one regenerated. The result is a product with the same performance as the new one, but at a lower cost with less environmental impact.

Tambellini concludes:

“This is a truly circular economy: thanks to the buy-back service, unused rollers are recycled, while with Roll-Cycling products are created as new, safeguarding the environment by reducing the emissions necessary to build new ones”.

Source: Engraving Solutions