Mondi and Cemex Introduce Innovative Water-Soluble Cement Bags to Balearic Islands

Paper Advancement
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Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, has partnered with Cemex, a prominent buildings materials company, to launch the groundbreaking SolmixBag in the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca.

This innovative product represents a significant advancement in sustainable packaging for the construction industry.

The SolmixBag is a revolutionary water-soluble paper bag designed for dry building products such as cement, screed, and coarse pre-mixes. Key features of the SolmixBag include:

  1. 100% kraft paper construction from renewable materials
  2. Long-term protection of contents
  3. Complete dissolution during the mixing process
  4. Elimination of dust and packaging waste on building sites

This collaboration, which began in 2021, addresses several critical needs:

  1. Compliance with local legal requirements regarding waste management
  2. Alignment with Cemex's sustainability goals
  3. Meeting extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging

Fabio Barbieri, Sales Director Paper Bags at Mondi, emphasized the product's alignment with the company's MAP2030 goals, highlighting its waste reduction capabilities and the collaborative approach taken in its development.The SolmixBag offers numerous benefits:

  1. Maintains strength and shelf-life comparable to conventional paper bags
  2. Available in various sizes
  3. Compatible with existing filling machines
  4. Easy to carry and store
  5. Excellent printing capabilities for brand visibility

Nadal Mateu Piña, Commercial Manager for the Balearic Islands at Cemex, praised the SolmixBag as the perfect solution for packaging their most sustainable cement product, CEM IV/B –(P) 32,5 SR- ECO+SR. He also indicated plans to use this as a best practice example for potential rollout in other regions and countries.

This innovative packaging solution not only meets the strict legal requirements of the Balearic Islands regarding waste management but also aligns with Cemex's sustainability roadmap 'Future in Action'. The introduction of SolmixBag represents a significant step forward in reducing environmental impact in the construction industry while maintaining product quality and usability.