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Paper machine dryers consume tremendous amounts of energy and have a direct impact on product quality, but the drying process is highly complex and requires extensive process knowledge to optimize.

Drives are an integral part of pulp and paper operations and need to run reliably every single day, according to the precise demands of the process.

Open Top Headbox Shower Eliminates Pulp Build- up in a Paper Production Factory

New heat exchangers and better measurement make West Fraser more competitive

Metsä Tissue is dedicated to improving its energy efficiency by 10 per cent by 2020 from the 2009 level

Pohjolan Voima’s values – skillfully, boldly and together – came to life when the company succeeded in reducing NOx emissions and improving energy efficiency through combustion optimization and data analyses at its two biopower plants.

We in maintenance often complain about how hard it is for us to “sell maintenance to top management”.

Drones have great potential in mills; benefits include safety, efficiency, and cost—and they’re fun to use.

Rosenthal am Rennsteig, October 5, 2020 – Mercer’s pulp mills regularly carry out planned and extensive safety inspections, cleaning and maintenance of the vessels and equipment, which requires an overall break in production to ensure we run reliably. This break in production can take several days or weeks.

With the OnPerformance.Lab, Voith is now offering paper manufacturers the opportunity to identify and exploit improvement potential for their production through an in-depth analysis of process data.

Color Profiles feature adds value to sensor equipment and enables the optimization of white top, size press and coating operations

Toscotec will deliver three tissue machine rebuilds located at different mills to a confidential global producer.

Four Resolute operations in Quebec recently reached significant safety milestones, allowing them to donate a total of $25,000 to their chosen community organizations as part of our Board of Directors Safety Award program.

Saica Pack has gone more than a decade without a lost-time accident at their corrugated packaging plant in Sowton, Exeter.

Life can change in an instant. That’s why, as part of our commitment to workplace safety, we support trained Emergency Response Teams that are always onsite and ready to serve at each of our pulp and paper mills.

At Domtar, we are proud to be a part of the communities where we work, live and play. In many of these communities, the pulp and paper mill has influenced the development of the town and is often the area’s largest employer. Our Johnsonburg Mill is a great example of how a mill can shape a town.

Last year, Paper Advance got to know ESKO Pacific, a North American based instrumentation supply company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of flow monitoring and process control equipment. This year, ESKO Pacific talked to us about how this year’s unexpected developments have impacted their focus, their customers, and what they’re doing to respond to rapidly changing industry needs.  

Finland-based Kytola Instruments has developed and manufactured flow metering, monitoring and control devices for customers around the globe since 1945, but the company began with the simple recognition of a market need.