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As an application engineering veteran of 20 years, I have been involved with hundreds of hardware installations on steam systems. Through these experiences, I have learned two important lessons: take comprehensive field measurements and do test fits.

Mill wanted to increase production and reduce chemical costs (Polymer stickies treatment & solvent table/felt washes). 

Rubber expansion joints are used in piping systems for a wide variety of reasons. These reasons include absorbing pipe movements in all directions (compression, extension, and lateral), minimizing vibration, and limiting sound transfer through the piping system.

Every generation efficiency has been greatly improved at pulp and paper mills, and reality may be outpacing perceptions of the major industrial facilities.

Production line 8, which consumes 75,000 MWh per year, now only uses green electricity from the Schluchsee hydroelectric power plant. This is part of Koehler’s climate strategy and saves 45,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year.

Essity is investing in enhanced efficiency in the company´s site in Kawerau, New Zealand, including the world’s first tissue machine running a fully geothermal steam drying process.

At the heart of the tissue making process is the Yankee dryer where critical properties are given to the tissue being produced. Yankee steam systems are used to deliver heat to Yankee dryer and evacuate the condensed and non-condensed steam.

Flow meters are highly customizable due to differences in design, function, accuracy, and build components such as tube materials, end block materials, fittings, floats, valves, o-rings, flow configurations and more.

As any experienced plant operator will tell you, your machinery assets are never constant. You know that even if only on a microscopic level, your best machinery assets are, in fact, deteriorating towards an eventual failure.

International technology group ANDRITZ has successfully started-up a heat recovery chain of the tissue machine PM3 at ICT at its mill in Piano di Coreglia, Italy.

The L2A pulp drying line at Bracell’s “STAR” project in Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo, supplied by ANDRITZ, has achieved a new production world record.

Essel Kâğıt started up an AHEAD 2.2L tissue line supplied by Toscotec on a turnkey basis at its Osmaniye mill in Turkey. This is the fourth tissue machine that Toscotec fired up in a period of only three weeks in four different countries in Europe and Asia. The new PM3 is manufacturing high quality tissue paper for the local market.

We are pleased to announce we have been recognized by The Stevie® Awards for Great Employers for our world-class health and safety performance in 2020.

Resolute is committed to providing our employees and contractors with healthy and safe work environments. 

In the pulp and paper industry, you face risks every day. These risks can include noise hazards, massive pulpwood loads sliding or falling, and the challenges associated with operating mechanical equipment.

Recent raw material scarcity and cost inflation in the paper business have led to higher price hikes, while industry restructuring combined with economic recovery have caused overbooking. But the market outlook is more balanced, with Stora Enso having competitive and sustainable paper assets for the benefit of its customers.

In July, the European Commission set out its climate and energy policy. The proposals for emission reductions and zero-emission energy are most welcomed. UPM has been following this path for a long time, and our schedule is more ambitious than the Commission's. However, will the EU's policies generate green growth?

On the Blandin forest lands in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, UPM foresters have found a smart way to make their woods future-proof through a consistent biodiversity concept, while safeguarding wood production. Forest ecologist Sawyer Scherer explains how.