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Refining defines success at Industria Cartaria Tivoli tissue mill

The team at Industria Cartaria Tivoli turned to AFT to provide their new MaxEdge™ low consistency refiner and customized Finebar® MiniSegments™.

Maximizing Efficiency through Vacuum Optimization

How to Save Energy up to 30–70% in Paper Machine Vacuum System


Are any of these new to you? Some flow meter features can catch users by surprise.  How many of these flow meter facts do you know already?

Holmen is establishing additional wind power on its land

Holmen's Board has decided to invest SEK 1.5 billion in the construction of Blisterliden Wind Farm in Skellefteå Municipality.

Södra to invest in green electricity generation at Mörrum

Södra has decided to invest in a new condensing turbine in the pulp mill at Mörrum, which will increase the county of Blekinge’s electricity generation by 20 percent.

Facts About Energy Use and The Paper Industry

The paper industry plays a vital role in our daily lives. Paper is all around us in our homes, schools and offices. It’s a product to feel good about because the industry has taken steps to advance sustainability through energy efficiency.

Tips to prevent your paper sheeting or winding machine from becoming obsolete

If there are obsolete devices in your paper and boar sheeting or winding machine, they could be at risk of permanent shutdown. To ensure this does not happen, and based on experience, we have put together these recommendations that could help you.


Unexpected freezes can make maintaining process flows and accurate flow measurement challenging.

Extending the Cycle Life of an Industrial Battery: What Makes a Battery Last?

In the fast-evolving world of industrial lithium batteries, extending cycle life— the number of charge and discharge cycles a battery can endure before significant degradation occurs—is one of the key advantages over the incumbent lead-acid technology.

Beyond Steam: An Interview with Jordi Gifre, New Sales Director of Kadant Johnson Systems International S.r.l

In the paper industry, a transformation is underway, led by Kadant Johnson Systems International's innovative approaches and cutting-edge solutions.

Runtech EP1000 Turbo Blower started up at Ankutsan A.S., Turkey

RunEco vacuum system with RunEco EP1000 Turbo Blower has started up at Ankutsan A.S., Turkey.

Toscotec to supply cogeneration upgrade to Cartiera del Vignaletto in Italy

Toscotec will supply a technological upgrade to Cartiera del Vignaletto at their Zevio production site near Verona in Northern Italy.

PSSMA Announces 2023 Safety Award Winners

COOPERSBURG, PA (May 23, 2024) – The Paper Shipping Sack Manufacturers’ Association (PSSMA) has announced the winners of its annual Safety Awards Program for paper shipping sack manufacturing plants in 2023.

11 Years Injury-Free at Menominee Pulp Mill

Eleven years in the making: Our Menominee (Michigan) recycled bleached kraft pulp mill has exceeded 2.25 million hours without a single recordable safety incident.

Find out more about the safety programme “DNA – Dynäs No Accidents”!

Mondi Dynäs had experienced an unacceptable level of incidents for several years. Many traditional safety activities were initiated but did not translate to fewer accidents.

Watch Your Wingman

It’s rumored that the Eiffel Tower is so large, it takes a year for maintenance crews to finish painting its exterior, by which time they go back to the beginning and start again. The same could probably be said for a paper or pulp mill.

The Finnish Paper Packaging Manufacturer Carccu® Secures Major Environmental Certifications

In an era where environmental consciousness is not just a trend but a necessity, businesses across the globe are taking significant strides towards sustainability

Groupe PMI: Expertise and turnkey solutions for your industrial projects

Benefit from the expertise of the Groupe PMI, a leader in turnkey solutions for your industrial projects and the maintenance of your process equipment.