Södra to invest in green electricity generation at Mörrum

Södra in Mörrum.

Power and Energy
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Södra has decided to invest in a new condensing turbine in the pulp mill at Mörrum, which will increase the county of Blekinge’s electricity generation by 20 percent.

The investment, amounting to several hundreds of millions of Swedish kronor, is a major and important step for Södra in strengthening competitiveness by utilising more of the wood raw material from family forestry and thereby increasing the profitability of forest estates

We are facing a growing demand for electricity as part of society’s green transition. At the same time, a significant increase in electricity consumption is underlining the importance of energy efficiency and resource-efficient use of all energy. Södra is working actively in this area to strengthen its industrial competitiveness, offer products with a low carbon footprint, maintain its positive energy balance and to continue supplying surplus green electricity. As part of this process, Södra has decided to invest in a new condensing turbine at Södra Cell in Mörrum.

“Our mission is to generate maximum value from every wood fibre that family forestry delivers to our mills. This investment will achieve that in both the long and short term. In the short term, it will increase our energy efficiency so that we can generate more electricity in the order of what hydropower currently generates across the whole of Blekinge. In the long term, it will give us the right conditions to continue developing our mills,” said Stefan Sandberg, Mill Manager, Södra Cell at Mörrum.

The condensing turbine will optimise the energy yield from the process by generating more electricity from the same amount of raw material. The amount of electricity supplied by Södra Cell Mörrum will reduce the need to import electricity from fossil fuel power plants for Blekinge’s grid. It will also deliver continuous and weather-independent electricity to the grid, which will improve stability.

The new turbine will be placed in a new turbine hall on Södra’s industrial site and is scheduled for operation by mid-2026.

Source: Södra