Global Forest Industry Summary: Year-End 2023

Europe’s sawlog market has been turbulent over the past three years, with wood demand falling, log flows shifting, and sawlog prices going through unprecedented swings.

Higher wood fiber costs for pulpmills worldwide in 2023

During the past three years, prices for hardwood fiber have increased at a much faster rate than for softwood fiber, resulting in the Global Hardwood Fiber Price Index jumping 44%.

Log trade in the Baltic Sea region has declined for two reasons: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and as a result of investments in forest production capacity in the Baltic States

The two largest log-trading regions in Europe are Central Europe (where Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany are the major importers) and Northern Europe (Finland and Sweden are the two log-importing countries).

The Global Forest Industry in the 3Q/2022

Wood raw-material costs for sawmills in North America and Europe eased in the 3Q/22 as demand and prices for lumber fell.

The Global Forest Industry in the 2Q/2022

A halt in Russian log exports and reduced wood demand in China contributed to a 20% decline in international softwood log trade in the 1H/22.

Global Wood Pellet Trade Reached Record-High 29 Million Tons in 2021

The world's thirst for renewable energy continues, and demand for wood pellets—mostly made from sawmill byproducts—is increasing. As a result, the total global wood pellet trade in 2021 was up 9% YoY to 29 million tons, 50% higher than in 2017.

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