Pratt Industries: A Leader in Paper Recycling and Production Across the U.S.

Source: Pratt Industries

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For over 30 years, Pratt Industries has been a leading force in sustainable paper production within the United States.

Their commitment to recycling shines through their impressive network of six paper mills, all dedicated to using 100% recycled materials.

Pratt's success hinges on their ability to source recovered fiber – essentially old corrugated containers and mixed paper waste – from homes and businesses across the nation. A dedicated branch within the company, Pratt Recycling, takes the lead in collecting this material. They work extensively with major metro areas east of Denver, including New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and many more.

The collected recovered fiber is then transformed into brand new paper rolls at Pratt's mills. These rolls don't sit idle for long; they are used to manufacture corrugated sheets, packaging, and displays at Pratt's box, sheet, and retail plants throughout the US. This creates a remarkable closed-loop system: waste paper is collected, recycled, and reborn as valuable new products. By doing so, Pratt Industries helps reduce environmental impact and fosters a circular economy for both their products and those of their customers.

To learn more about Pratt's recycling process and its impact on creating a circular economy, interested readers can watch a brief video provided by the company.