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Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in collaboration with the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), have developed a novel, nondestructive method to rapidly measure the wood and non-wood fiber components in paper.

Arctic Paper introduces G-snow – the new, ultra-white, high-quality coated paper developed for print experts who work with high circulations and yet aim to always deliver exceptional results.

For high wet-strength refillable bottle labels​.

 Hygiene and health company Essity is a founding partner of AI Innovation of Sweden, a center for research into artificial intelligence (AI) and innovation that opens today in Gothenburg.

The new eco-barrier paperboard, MetsäBoard Pro FSB EB1, which is manufactured by Metsä Board, ...

A new development of grass based paper could seriously disrupt the packaging industry.

Two types of recycled fiber - composed of either post-consumer reclaimed material or pre-consumer reclaimed material - can be used to make recycled paper.

MoRe Research has installed pilot equipment aimed at real time studies of the wood chip impregnation process.

Scientists at Empa have used cellulose to 3D print an ear. Cellulose is the main chemical that forms the principal structure of plants.

Biomass can serve as a renewable source for both energy and carbon.


Corrugated paper cardboard provides an everyday example of a lightweight, yet rigid, sandwich structure.

In the Finnish mechanical and chemical forestry industry, three million tonnes of softwood bark are produced annually, presently mainly used for energy production.

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