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New Storopack PAPERbubble® Paper Sheets as an Innovative, Sustainable Substitute dor Traditional Air Bubble Film

Carrier bags made of paper are becoming more common in the bins as plastic bags are phased out in the stores. But the paper bags are not adapted for residual waste in the households, which create problems for both households,garbage collectors and energy companies.

In a partnership with WestRock and Grupo Gondi, Grupo Modelo is investing roughly 4 million dollars in the sustainable, fiber-based CanCollar® Eco solution in Quintana Roo, a Mexican state on the Yucatan Peninsula.

SPOKANE, Wash.-- Clearwater Paper Corporation (NYSE: CLW) today introduced NuVo® withBioPBS™, a sustainable cup stock that provides foodservice operators with a compostable alternative to hot cups coated with low-density polyethylene.

For fish wholesalers Bröderna Hanssons, the sea is their livelihood. People have been enjoying their fish and shellfish since the company began in 1880.

Kellogg’s, in partnership with Tesco, have announced that it will trial paper liners within cereal boxes in a select number of stores from January 2022.

Structures and vehicles built with sustainable materials are in high demand to meet today’s needs and for future generations.

Waste generated by textile recycling can be used to make paper. Using this waste as a raw material instead of incinerating it also reduces our environmental impact.

The U.S. pulp and paper industry uses large quantities of water to produce cellulose pulp from trees. The water leaving the pulping process contains a number of organic byproducts and inorganic chemicals.

Researchers at TU Graz develop green alternatives to fossil raw materials. Bio-based materials are expected to reduce pollution and drive the shift to a more sustainable economy.

Researchers at KTH have developed a more eco-friendly way to remove heavy metals, dyes and other pollutants from water. The answer lies in filtering wastewater with a gel material taken from plant cellulose and spiked with small carbon dots produced in a microwave oven.

Pulp mill waste hits the road instead of the landfill