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Chromatogeny is a unique barrier technology that offers customizable performance for packaging that’s also repulpable and compostable. Could it become the ‘new standard’?

In its largest pilot to date, Carlsberg Group has today revealed the trial of its new Fibre Bottle, putting the bio-based and fully recyclable beer bottle into the hands of consumers for the first time.

The recyclable and compostable UPM Solide Lucent is a highly versatile specialty kraft paper with endless possibilities for recyclable packaging innovations.

Grow&Go is a suite of packaging products optimised for farm-to-shelf delivery in a market-leading range of sizes, from attractive consumer-friendly trays and carry-packs to pallet-ready bulk shipping boxes

Targeted at the beverage market, this packaging requires high tear resistance and printing quality

Stora Enso’s new 100% virgin fiber-based kraftliner, AvantForte WhiteTop, is now commercially available.

SASKATOON – Getting more useful products out of renewable resources like wood is the goal of scientists who are using Canada’s only synchrotron.

We recently discussed the various factors that are impacting market pulp prices. Market pulp is a critical global commodity within the pulp and paper industry as it plays a primary role in manufacturing numerous paper grades.

Our research refines the tree's own glue – lignin – into materials, chemicals and motor fuels. We also develop processes to utilise and refine the large amounts of lignin and other wood polymers that chemical pulp mills and other biorefineries receive as a by-product.

Marzouk Benali and Moye Ajao jointly with a team from the University of Delaware brought together by Thomas Epps, III, and including, among others, Marianthi Ierapetritou and Dion Vlachos, have written a paper in which they demonstrate that it is possible to efficiently turn industrially processed lignin into high-performance plastics, such as bio-based 3D-printing resins, and valuable chemicals.

UD researchers report low-pressure method to convert industrially processed biomass into plastics, chemicals

Structures and vehicles built with sustainable materials are in high demand to meet today’s needs and for future generations.