Mondi and traceless: A Sustainable Alliance for Greener Packaging

Paper Advancement
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Mondi, a leader in sustainable packaging and paper, has partnered with biomaterial engineers traceless to create a revolutionary coating solution from agricultural by-products.

This innovative bio-circular coating aims to replace traditional plastic coatings, addressing the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging.

The coating is made from renewable plant-based materials, specifically agricultural residues, eliminating the need for fossil raw materials. Traceless' life-cycle assessment shows this material can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 76% overall, and by 95% during production and disposal phases. Additionally, it is certified home compostable by DIN CERTCO.

Collaboration between Mondi and Traceless began in 2021, combining Mondi's expertise in paper coating with Traceless' knowledge of natural polymers. The coating granulates are produced at Traceless' pilot plant and tested on Mondi's kraft paper. Industrial-scale production is planned for Hamburg.

Tests confirm that kraft paper coated with traceless® resists water, oxygen, and fat, while maintaining good printability. The goal is to optimize the bio-based coating for various packaging needs, such as eCommerce and food packaging, ensuring it is recyclable in existing streams across Europe.

Marko Schuster, COO at Mondi, stated, "This partnership exemplifies how we combine R&D forces to lead in sustainable packaging, contributing to a circular economy."

Anne Lamp, CEO of traceless, added, "Our mission is to use materials that positively impact the environment. Working with Mondi helps us adapt our expertise to reduce plastic barrier coatings in packaging, creating a versatile and fit-for-purpose product."