Sustainable Synergy: SCREEN, EMSUR, and SAPPI's Innovative Lidding Solution

Source: Sappi

Paper Advancement
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A wave of eco-conscious packaging is here, led by a powerful alliance: SCREEN, EMSUR, and SAPPI.

These industry leaders are joining forces to revolutionize lidding solutions with a sustainable, paper-centric approach.

This collaboration is a direct response to the ever-growing consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging. Today's shoppers actively seek products that minimize environmental impact, and paper packaging is resonating due to its natural materials and recyclability. But sustainability isn't the only perk. Paper offers a unique sensory experience – its tactile nature creates a deeper connection with consumers, aligning perfectly with brands seeking to build genuine connections.

The innovation lies in the new lidding solution itself. It combines the power of three key players:

  • SCREEN brings their expertise in advanced inkjet digital printing using water-based, food-compliant inks.
  • SAPPI contributes their extensive knowledge in paper-based materials.
  • EMSUR lends their long-standing know-how in barrier packaging solutions for die-cuts and lidding applications.

The result? Packaging that not only meets sustainability goals but also boasts stunning visual appeal and functionality. These lids, crafted from sustainable paper laminates, allow brands to effectively communicate their eco-conscious values while elevating the overall consumer experience.

Here's the cherry on top: the digital printing process uses water-based inks. This ensures minimal environmental impact while still delivering vibrant designs and colors. It's a win-win for both brands and environmentally conscious consumers.

This shift in consumer preference is undeniable. Brands that embrace innovative solutions like these paper-based lids with water-based digital printing will stay ahead of the curve.