Stora Enso's New Folding Boxboard: Performa Nova

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Stora Enso is gearing up for a revolution in the packaging industry with the introduction of Performa Nova, a new folding boxboard (FBB).

This innovative product marks the first offering from the company's brand-new board line in Oulu, Finland, slated for full operation in 2025.

Performa Nova embodies Stora Enso's commitment to sustainability. Made from renewable materials sourced from well-managed forests, it injects a significant 750,000 tonnes of eco-friendly packaging options into the market. This caters directly to the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions, allowing food and beverage brands to meet those expectations with confidence.

stora 29mai24 1The Oulu Mill in northern Finland. Source: Stora Enso

Efficiency is at the forefront of Performa Nova's design. Leveraging Stora Enso's FiberLight Tec, a technology that creates exceptionally strong and lightweight boards, Performa Nova offers superior efficiency. This translates to a high yield advantage, enabling brand owners to produce more packages while using less material. This translates to cost savings throughout the packaging value chain.

But Performa Nova isn't just about efficiency; it's also about shaping a circular packaging future. Consumers are increasingly vocal about their desire for sustainable packaging, and Performa Nova offers a compelling alternative to traditional plastic packaging. Made from fresh fibers, Performa Nova is perfectly suited for a variety of applications, including frozen, chilled, and dry food packaging, as well as food service needs.

Beyond its sustainability credentials, Performa Nova boasts a range of additional benefits for brand owners. Its outstanding printability and smooth surface make it ideal for eye-catching designs that effectively communicate a brand's commitment to circularity. Additionally, Performa Nova is widely accepted in recycling streams, food-safe, and adheres to industry standards regarding odor and taste. It can also be paired with barrier solutions to resist moisture and grease, ensuring product protection during transportation and handling.

Performa Nova comes in a wide range of grammages, from 200 to 315 g/m², offering brands the flexibility they need. With its launch on the horizon, Performa Nova promises to redefine industry standards and set a new benchmark for consumer expectations in the realm of sustainable packaging.