Marlboro Mill: 34 Years of Excellence Built on People

The Marlboro Mill from overhead. Source: Domtar

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Recently, Domtar published an article about its Marlboro's mill in Bennettsville, South Carolina.

In many ways, the Marlboro Mill is one of a kind. Opened in 1990, it stands as the last greenfield mill built in the United States and the last fully integrated paper mill constructed in North America. With a unique approach to employee training and safety, the Marlboro Mill has carved out a distinct place in the industry.

The Marlboro Mill changed hands a few times. Willamette sold the mill in 2002 to Weyerhauser. It joined the Domtar family of mills in 2007, and in 2021, Domtar came under the Paper Excellence banner.

From the very beginning, the mill prioritized a unique approach to employee training. New hires receive intensive safety training, building a strong foundation for a work environment that prioritizes employee well-being. This commitment is reflected in the remarkably low turnover rate – some employees have been with the mill for all 34 years!

Marlboro Mill isn't just about safety; it's about empowering its workforce. Employees are encouraged to develop new skills, taking ownership of their work and contributing to the mill's success. This team-based approach fosters collaboration and leadership, making Marlboro Mill an attractive option for talented individuals seeking career growth.

Beyond its people focus, Marlboro Mill is an industry leader. The mill produces a variety of paper products and has continuously innovated over the years. They've increased efficiency, reduced their environmental footprint, and even generate enough excess renewable energy to power 30,000 homes annually! The mill is also a committed community partner, investing in local projects and scholarships.

In conclusion, the Marlboro Mill's success story is woven from a dedication to its people, innovation, and environmental responsibility. By prioritizing a skilled and empowered workforce, Marlboro Mill has secured its place as a leader in the paper industry for over three decades.

domtar 10june24 1The Marlboro Mill welcomed 20 new employees in early 2024. They're pictured in front of the mill. Source: Domtar