White Pigeon Paperboard Mill

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Ox Industries purchased the White Pigeon Paperboard Mill in 2020. At the time of purchase, the mill was non-operational, laid off its workforce, and lacked sustainability standards.

Ox significantly improved processes, equipment, and the mill’s environmental impact in only two years. The Ox team closed the mill’s water loop, resulting in zero wastewater discharge into the river and recycling over 3 million gallons of water daily. These changes have improved the mill’s operations and cemented our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

The mill created stable jobs for White Pigeon and surrounding communities and was able to re-employ many of the mill’s previous teams.

Quick Facts about White Pigeon:

  • Employs 76 people from White Pigeon and surrounding areas
  • Pays all employees above the median income for White Pigeon
  • Recycles over 60,000 tons of wastepaper per year
  • Recycles 3 million galls of water daily
  • It has a 100% closed water system, making it a zero-discharge mill

We are very proud of the success of the White Pigeon Mill as they continue their commitment to providing viable employment opportunities, protecting the environment, and promoting the community’s environmental health.