FSC-certified Pirelli tyres debut at F1

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For the first time, Pirelli’s complete range of FSC-certified tyres roll on the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship™

All of the tyres used in the Championship will be marked with the FSC logo for the entire season, and until at least 2027. This certifies that the natural rubber within the tyre complies with FSC’s strict standards for sustainable forestry.

FSC-certified tyres were  introduced when Pirelli made a breakthrough by producing the world’s first Pirelli P ZERO tyre using FSC-certified natural rubber. 
In October 2023, the global tyre manufacturer renewed its agreement as Formula 1’s Global Tyre Partner until at least 2027, using only FSC-certified tyres on track. An intense development programme, which started in 2022, showed clear results in terms of reliability and performance.

Forestry NGO meets motorsports: a surprising collaboration with transformative potential.

Seeing the FSC logo – the mark for sustainable forestry – feature in an area typically associated with a high environmental footprint might come as a surprise. High-quality tyres like the ones used in motorsport come at an additional environmental cost: the natural rubber that brings key performance characteristics is a major driver of deforestation and human rights abuses, especially among smallholders, who produce up to 85 per cent of the world’s natural rubber.  As value chains are historically complex and difficult to track, the impact is felt most acutely at the local level, putting at risk not only the ecosystems, but also the communities who typically own and manage these plantations.

The FSC-certified Formula 1 tyre appearing on the global motorsport stage is a breakthrough for sustainable natural rubber, with influential players like Pirelli not only uncovering these persistent socio-economic and environmental challenges but also tackling them head-on. Sourcing rubber from FSC-certified smallholders means meeting the world’s most credible standards for sustainable forestry – protecting forest ecosystems, preventing deforestation, upholding forest communities’ rights, and ensuring workers earn fair wages. Pirelli’s FSC-certified tyres illustrate that sustainability and performance can—and successfully do—coexist, bringing into sharp focus a tested, market-ready solution. It also encourages a new cohort of consumers to start making these connections and ask for the FSC logo when purchasing FSC-certified products (and in the future, tyres).

Giovanni Tronchetti Provera, Pirelli Executive Vice President Motorsport, Sustainability and Future Mobility:
"The debut of our FSC-certified tyres in the world of motorsport represents a significant moment in Pirelli’s sustainability journey. In 2021 we were first to equip a road car with FSC-certified tyres, and now we are proud to be the first to do so in motorsport as well." 

Ellen Jones, Formula 1 ESG Director:
"Formula 1 is proud to collaborate with Pirelli on sustainability topics at every level, as the introduction of FSC-certified tyres shows. We can’t wait to see the new FSC-certified tyres in action this weekend in Bahrain and then throughout the rest of the season."

FSC certification is the gold standard in sustainable forest management. The automotive industry must act to alleviate the pressure that sourcing natural rubber puts on our forest ecosystems and communities. We applaud Pirelli's leadership to tackle the complex environmental and socio-economic challenges of natural rubber value chains. This demonstrates sustainability and performance can go hand in hand—and FSC is ready to support companies globally to follow suit. – Fabian Farkas, Chief Commercial Officer, Forest Stewardship Council® International

Learn more about Pirelli’s effort within FIA Formula One World Championship →

The groundwork is complete, but there is much more to do to ensure healthy, resilient forests for all, forever. It is time to scale up this solution and FSC is calling on tyre and automotive companies globally to come onboard. With almost three decades’ experience fighting deforestation and protecting forests and forest communities for the future, we are ready to support a global transition where sustainable natural rubber becomes the norm, on the track, the road, the trail, and beyond.

From the racetrack to a global movement: accelerating the transition to sustainable natural rubber

FSC-certified natural rubber is more visible—and available—than ever before. Everyone has a role to play and here’s how you can join FSC’s movement towards sustainable natural rubber.

For the rubber industry:

  • Brands and Manufacturers: Specify 100% FSC-certified natural rubber in procurement policies.
  • Rubber Smallholder Communities and Collectives (and the Processors and Traders who source from them): Start your certification journey using accessible tools provided by FSC, including group certification which can certify thousands of rubber farmers.

Get in touch with FSC’s rubber expert to learn more: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For individuals and the public:

  • Choose FSC-certified products, including rubber items like yoga mats and shoes from brands like Allbirds, Hunter Boots, and Lululemon.
  • Watch FSC's "Rubber Rebounded" documentary below to learn and engage in sustainable natural rubber initiatives.