Participate in the desk test of the Ecosystem Services Procedure

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FSC is conducting the revision of the FSC-PRO-30-006 V1-2 Ecosystem Services Procedure: Impact Demonstration and Market Tools.

The second draft of the revised procedure (Draft 2-0) aims to streamline the structure and readability of the procedure, strengthen the verification of ecosystem services impacts, improve the adaptability for small or low intensity managed forests – (SLIMF) and community forests users, strengthen the use of ecosystem services claims, and introduce a revenue sharing mechanism, among others.

With the objective to gather specific stakeholder input for the further improvement of Draft 2-0, FSC is inviting the following stakeholders to participate in a desk test of Draft 2-0 and provide feedback to FSC:

  1. Forest Management Certificate Holders who already have, or are interested in obtaining, verified FSC positive ecosystem services impacts.
  2. Certificate holders managing SLIMF or community forests (it is not necessary that these actors have verified ecosystem services impacts).
  3. Project Developers with expertise in implementing the Ecosystem Services Procedure on behalf of Forest Management Certification holders, or interested to implement the procedure themselves.
  4. Sponsors (external actors and/or Chain of Custody Certification holders certificates) that have verified positive ecosystem services impacts, or that are interested in funding Forest Management Certification holders in verifying positive ecosystem services impacts.
  5. Certification bodies accredited for forest management evaluations with expertise in auditing the Ecosystem Services Procedure.
  6. FSC Trademark Services Providers with expertise in implementing the Ecosystem Services Procedure (approving ecosystem services claims) or interested in implementing the Ecosystem Services Procedure themselves.

What is a desk test?
A desk test is where the participant is asked to review relevant sections of the Draft 2-0 to analyse their clarity, coherence, and feasibility. Participants provide feedback through a questionnaire. The desk test does not require any implementation in the field.

Why participate?
Participating in the desk test will allow you to gain an early understanding of the procedure, to assess how feasible it is, and to contribute with practical feedback for its improvement.

How to participate in the desk test?
If you would like to participate in the desk test, please:

  1. Read the Terms of Reference (they include the topics to test and the terms and conditions of the participation);
  2. Read the Privacy Statement;
  3. Fill in the Application Form and return it to Francesco Patiño, Policy Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Application documents are also on the webpage of the revision process here.

Participation in the desk test takes place on a voluntary, unpaid basis.
FSC will keep the call for applicants open until the desired amount of selected participants has been reached. The selection of participants will occur in an ongoing basis during the second public consultation of Draft 2-0 (expected April – May 2024).

FSC will update on the process website when the number and diversity of participants has been reached, and when the application period is therefore closed. FSC will upload the questionnaire to the webpage of the revision process in March 2024 and share it with selected participants.  FSC welcomes the application from different regions from all over the world.