Voith to improve quality and reliability with proven Quality Control System (QCS) OnQuality at UPM’s PM 6 in Schongau, Germany

Voith’s Quality Control System OnQuality allows papermakers to meet high paper quality requirements and achieve an increased operational efficiency.

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  • OnQuality QCS from Voith to improve paper quality and machine reliability at UPM’s PM 6 in Schongau 
  • Strong flexibility, high accuracy of sensors and short delivery and installation times were crucial factors for award of order

HEIDENHEIM/SCHONGAU. Recently, UPM has awarded Voith to supply its Quality Control System (QCS) OnQuality of scanners and sensors to the company’s PM 6 in Schongau, Germany. The new system will stabilize and optimize product quality and the overall production process. At the same time, it will increase the mill’s productivity and reduce operating and maintenance costs. UPM, the world's leading producer of graphic papers, was especially convinced by the system’s strong flexibility, its high accuracy and Voith’s short delivery and installation times. The installation is scheduled to be completed within the next three months.

The order comprises the OnQuality QCS that allows papermakers to meet high paper quality requirements and to achieve an increased operational efficiency. The system ordered will control and optimize important quality parameters including basis weight, moisture, color and ash content. The smart sensors include comprehensive diagnostic functions and provide easy access for maintenance and system extension. They are compact, robust and feature state-of-the-art technology. The scope of delivery to UPM is complemented with a scanner from the OnQuality.Scanners portfolio, which ideally complements the sensors. Its high traversing speed combined with fast signal processing provides high-resolution profiles for precise longitudinal and transverse profile control. With the measurements of the OnQuality.Sensors the control of all relevant quality parameters in machine- and cross-direction is enabled.

''We are happy to partner with UPM to improve the mill’s overall efficiency and to renew our close and longstanding collaboration.'' - Marc Stampfer, Global Product Manager QCS at Voith

The Voith OnQuality QCS is based on the modular and proven automation platform ComCore. ComCore allows an easy integration of the QCS into the customer’s automation system, providing clear information and easy access to papermakers. 

As part of Voith’s Papermaking 4.0 portfolio, the new OnQuality QCS 4.0 features enable papermakers to seamlessly integrate with the OnCumulus cloud platform, preparing the ground for paper mill digitalization. In addition, the OnQuality QCS 4.0 allows to overcome the boundaries of physical sensors by providing several virtual sensor applications. As an optimal complement to the OnQuality QCS 4.0 and as part of the Papermaking 4.0 service portfolio, Voith’s OnPerformance.Lab offers expert remote consulting, audits and troubleshooting to improve papermaking and quality control processes based on the data of the QCS.

Source: Voith