FibreStrap: Sustainable Cable Ties are Coming to North America

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We’ve partnered with sustainable cable tie pioneer EVLR International to introduce FibreStrap to North America.

FibreStrap is the world’s first fiber-based zip tie, designed to replace the traditional plastic cable tie when bundling, securing, or attaching items.

“We’re very pleased to partner with Atlantic Packaging to bring FibreStrap to the North America market,” said Tobias Bergarp, co-founder and CEO of EVLR International AB, the creators of FibreStrap. “Along with their team at A New Earth Project, Atlantic’s senior leadership has shown a sincere interest in working with us since we were first introduced, and we’re excited to get started in this important market.”

atlantic 22mar24 2FibreStrap’s patented design makes it easy to replace current plastic zip tie solutions in nearly any industry. FibreStrap is made from sustainable forest products, reduces carbon emissions and water usage by more than 80 percent, and has the performance characteristics required by the most demanding applications.

“We are always on the lookout for innovative products and materials that allow us to help our customers transition to more sustainable packaging practices,” said Wes Carter, president of Atlantic Packaging and founder of A New Earth Project. “We have existing customers who use a lot of cable ties, and we know that they are already interested. We think that including FibreStrap in our New Earth Approved catalog for anyone in the US to order online is also going to be met with a lot of interest and enthusiasm.”

Use cases for FibreStrap span a myriad of industries. At the recent World Wake Association wakeboarding event in Portugal, FibreStrap was used instead of plastic zip ties to secure sponsor signage throughout the venue.

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“The ease of assembly and disassembly was remarkable, further accentuated by the potential for reuse,” said event organizers. “FibreStrap not only met but exceeded our sustainability benchmarks, and we’re eager to incorporate it in our future events.”

EVLR is a Swedish company that is carrying out the development and manufacturing of FibreStrap to protect, seal, fasten, and collect products with the aim of mitigating single-use plastic from entering the environment. Their pursuit aligns closely with our sustainability initiative’s mission at A New Earth Project – to rid the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution – so we couldn’t be more excited to form this valuable partnership as the North American distributor for FibreStrap .

Made of long fibers from the Scandinavian forests, FibreStrap is made to endure, but not to last.

Atlantic Packaging expects to be able to begin shipping FibreStrap by the beginning of Q’3 2024.

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Source: Atlantic Packaging