Sustainable Solutions: Collaborations between Major Brands and Pulp and Paper Companies

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With the ongoing momentum in corporate sustainability initiatives, the collaboration between pulp and paper companies and major corporations to create sustainable alternatives for their product lines is on the rise.

Here are some of the top headlines from the recent month.

Tide Offers Fiber Tile Form for Its Laundry Line in Recyclable Paper Packaging

Tide is introducing an innovative fiber tile format for its laundry range, packaged in FSC-certified recyclable paper. This eco-friendly alternative replaces the traditional plastic bottle, offering a sustainable packaging solution. Initially launching in Colorado in April 2024, the product will gradually become available nationwide across America over the course of the year. Read more at

DS Smith Offers Corrugated Cardboard Packaging to Bosch Home Comfort Group's Gas Boiler

DS Smith has developed a plastic-free corrugated cardboard packaging solution for Bosch Home Comfort Group's gas boilers. This development aims to eliminate plastic usage and decrease CO2 emissions. Jingjing Huang, from Bosch Home Comfort Group's Purchasing Engineering Combustion Systems, expressed great satisfaction with the positive impact of DS Smith's packaging optimization.

This transformation not only benefits the company but also contributes to environmental sustainability, with a remarkable reduction of over 75% in CO2 emissions, equivalent to 310 tonnes per year. Additionally, the implementation of this eco-friendly packaging means that more than 2,350 fewer pallets are required annually, leading to a significant decrease of nearly 60% in delivery logistics lorries. This translates to removing more than 60 lorries from the roads each year. Read more at

Walmart Makes Progress to Replace Single-Use Plastic from Mailing Envelopes with Recyclable Paper

Walmart continues to make strides towards fulfilling its commitment made in June 2023 to eliminate single-use plastic from mailing envelopes and transition to recyclable paper. By the end of the fiscal year in 2024, the switch from plastic to paper packaging was successfully implemented throughout Walmart's US fulfillment network without the need for any process or equipment adjustments. A Walmart spokesperson mentioned that when plastic bags were depleted, they were promptly replaced with paper alternatives. This new eco-friendly policy extends to both Walmart's own orders and those from sellers on its marketplace website, all fulfilled through Walmart's delivery services.

Furthermore, Walmart has taken proactive steps to utilize equipment for the precise sizing of boxes. Nearly half of Walmart's US fulfillment centers have been upgraded with Packsize Ultra 5 technology, which enables the creation of custom cardboard boxes tailored to each order. Read more at

UPM Specialty Papers, Fazer Develop Recyclable Packaging for Oat Rice Pies

UPM Specialty Papers and Fazer have collaborated to create sustainable packaging for Fazer's Oat Rice Pies. By replacing traditional plastic laminated packaging paper with UPM Confidio barrier paper, they have introduced a recyclable solution. The innovative packaging, based on UPM's heat-sealable paper, underwent a recyclability test that showed only a 1% rejection rate for unprinted UPM Confidio paper, allowing for 99% of the material to be recycled into new products. Read more at

Snack Company Crisp Launches Recyclable Paper Packets

Crisp, the snack company, has introduced a line of fully recyclable paper packets in collaboration with Evopak. These innovative packets uses polymer Hydropol, allowing for easy recycling, re-pulping, and composting, while also being compatible with anaerobic digestion. Consumers can simply toss the new crisp packets into their regular curbside recycling bins, making the disposal process hassle-free. Additionally, these packets have received certification for recyclability in standard paper recycling mills by OPRL, further solidifying their eco-friendly credentials. Read more at

Coveris Offers Sustainable Packaging for PJ's CREATIVE LUNCH Food-to-go Product Range

Coveris has introduced its innovative Fibre CoverAll solution, a versatile carrier board specifically crafted to accommodate a wide array of product shapes and sizes, to PJ’s Foods and Tri-Star for their latest packaging endeavors. This solution seamlessly integrates with existing packing lines and flow wrapping machinery, guaranteeing optimal product protection throughout the entire chilled distribution process. Embracing sustainability, the packaging solution for PJ’s CREATIVE LUNCH food-to-go range encompasses a delectable assortment of square-cut sandwiches, toasties, baguettes, paninis, rolls, and wraps. Read more at

Koehler Paper Offers NexPlus Advanced Packaging Paper to Wrap Nuco Chocolate Bars

Koehler Paper partners with chocolate manufacturer Nucao to provide innovative packaging solutions for their delectable range of chocolate bars. Utilizing the versatile Koehler NexPlus Advanced flexible packaging paper, Nuco's chocolate bars in flavors like "Crisp & Crunch", "Almond Butter & Sea Salt", "Roasted Hazelnut Butter", "Creamy Strawberry", and "Salted Caramel" are now wrapped in eco-friendly and recyclable paper. This packaging not only offers excellent barrier properties against oxygen, mineral oil, and grease but also seamlessly adapts to both vertical and horizontal packaging machines. Read more at

Source: ResourceWise