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Since its establishment in 1994, Canmec Division La Baie has held a prominent position in the North American pulp and paper sector.

Their core expertise is designing, manufacturing, and skillfully repairing or covering paper machine rolls. Notably, Canmec's contribution extends to over 5,500 rolls, all currently operational, reflecting their proficiency and impact within the industry.

Consequently, Canmec Division La Baie, comprising a workforce of 400 individuals, with 70 dedicated to the Pulp and Paper Division, has evolved into a paramount hub for roll production and maintenance in the North American industrial landscape. Canmec's endeavours are cultivated collaboratively with their partner, Andritz Fabrics & Rolls. More than 35% of its production is destined for the American market.

Canmec Division La Baie provides various services catering to diverse needs. These include state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for crafting new rolls, a thorough service for inspecting and repairing used rolls, covering technologies for both new and used rolls, a comprehensive engineering service, and the convenience of heated and unheated trailers for transportation requirements.

Operating for 18 hours daily, Canmec boasts a rapid emergency response capability. Its machining prowess is widely acknowledged in the industry, covering a gamut of tasks like turning, boring, grinding, balancing, and polyurethane coating of rolls. Furthermore, their skilled technical team excels in crafting new vacuum rolls and refurbishing pre-owned ones, showcasing their specialization and expertise.

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Canmec excels in specialized rebuilding processes, such as electro-plating, twin arc, HVOF, and more. These processes are further strengthened by their dedicated workforce's exceptional quality, skill, and expertise

With a foundation of past achievements, Canmec has clear goals for the upcoming years: to further expand its business volume with clients from Canada and the United States. In doing so, the company aims to embrace an open mindset, essential for enhancing manufacturing and service processes for increased efficiency and a superior customer experience.

Canmec services (Pulp and Paper Division ) include:

  • New roll technologies
  • Complete used roll inspection and repair service
  • Technologies for covering new and used rolls
  • Engineering
  • Heated and unheated trailer service

For immediate assistance, you can contact:

 Frédéric Pellerin, ing. MBA
 Operations Manager

Canmec tel  418-543-9151 # 309

Canmec address  3453, chemin des Chutes
 Saguenay Qc G7B 3N8 Canada

Canmec website  canmec.com  
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Jean-Benoit Gauthier
 Technical Sales Advisor

 Canmec tel418-543-9151 # 351

 Canmec address3453, chemin des Chutes
 Saguenay Qc G7B 3N8 Canada

 Canmec websitecanmec.com  
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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