Canfor Pulp project taking dinosaurs out of the equation

Canfor Pulp research engineer Faye Cuadra is this year's winner of the Forest Products Association of Canada Rising Star Award for her work on a project that will convert pulp mill waste into transportation fuel. - Citizen Photo By Ted Clarke


Contrary to popular belief, decomposing dinosaurs are not what formed the world’s oil and gas deposits.

Crude oil and natural gas were being made into fossil fuels eons before the dinosaurs ruled the earth and are the remains of plants and animals that fell to ocean floors and were then covered up under layers of sediment as they decomposed.

While that process took millions of years, Canfor research engineer Faye Cuadra and her team at Intercontinental Pulp in Prince George are figuring out ways drastically shrink the time required, using forestry and pulp mill waste as the source material.


Source: Prince George Citizen


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