Ahlstrom Considers Closure or Sale of Parchment Plant in France

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Ahlstrom, a global leader in sustainable specialty materials, has initiated a consultation process regarding the potential divestment or closure of its Bousbecque plant in France.

The company aims to centralize parchment paper production activities at its Saint-Séverin plant to enhance long-term competitiveness.

The Bousbecque plant, situated in northern France, specializes in parchment specialty materials. However, facing overcapacity and escalating competition in the parchment market, Ahlstrom has explored various options to sustain operations without success. Consequently, the company plans to relocate production to its Saint-Séverin facility, with the intention of divesting the Bousbecque site if a buyer cannot be secured, potentially leading to closure.

This strategic move is expected to streamline production, reduce costs, and bolster competitiveness for Ahlstrom. Guillaume Latourrette, Vice President of Ahlstrom’s Global Food business, emphasized the company's commitment to minimizing social consequences and pledged support to potentially impacted employees.

Ahlstrom, with a vision to be the Preferred Sustainable Specialty Materials Company, serves five distinct end markets and reported net sales of EUR 3.0 billion in 2023, employing approximately 7,000 people.

For more information, visit www.ahlstrom.com.