New Wood project increases decision makers’ understanding of wood-based bio and circular economy

Participants of the 46th Finnish Forest Academy exploring The New Wood exhibition. Photo: Erkki Oksan


The wood-based bio and circular economy is already here. Uusi puu – The New Wood is a communication project whose goal is to tell what a tree can do.

The New Wood project presents concrete examples of existing wood-based products and sustainable solutions for the near future. The project aims to increase knowledge of the importance of wood-based products as a substitute for fossil raw materials and to strengthen the image of wood-based bio and circular economy.

The examples compiled in the New Wood exhibition and on the website highlight the societal importance of wood-based solutions in supporting sustainable development and growth, and in combating climate change.

The project is especially aimed at social actors and decision-makers.

The New Wood brings industry organizations together

The New Wood is a community of almost 30 Finnish organizations. The main funder of the project is the Finnish Forest Foundation, in addition to which the project is funded by membership fees of the participating organizations. The Finnish Forest Association is responsible for the implementation of the New Wood project.

Organizations that qualify as New Wood members:

  • Manufacturers, converters or packers of wood-based products/solutions (excluding printing paper, wood as building material or source of bioenergy).
  • Wood-based bioeconomy or forestry communities, research institutes or educational organizations.

Interested? Learn more about Uusi puu – The New Wood project website


Source: Finnish Forest Association