Paperweek preview: FPInnovations at the 101st PAPTAC annual meeting

Pierre Lapointe, President and Chief Executive Officer, FPInnovations


The night is absolutely longer and the weather is undeniably colder in Montreal – it is definitely time for Paperweek!

FPInnovations is proud to be an active participant and sponsor of this premier international conference, which has the theme "Shaping the Future: People, Process and Innovation" this year. Paperweek has been graced by generations of papermakers and there are probably 101 reasons to attend this annual event, which is celebrating its 101st year. Hosted by PAPTAC, the event brings together key players from pulp and paper industry from both the mill and supplier sides. This year's conference is all the more special as PAPTAC celebrates its 100th anniversary and the annual gathering is expected to attract a high calibre of individuals consisting of mill superintendents, managers, directors, VPs. and CEOs.

Industry leaders will jump start the conference with an opening executive breakfast panel on Tuesday, February 3, where they will review the current status and discuss the strategy and alignment to transform the Canadian forestry industry. FPInnovations' president and chief executive officer Pierre Lapointe will be one of the panelists, as FPInnovations is an important partner with the industry and governments. His main message will be that as organizations working to advance the forest industry in Canada, we need to cooperate on many fronts and work closely together to build a bright future.

Also on Tuesday, Charles Xu, NSERC/FPInnovations industrial research chair in forest biorefinery and professor at Western University, will deliver the keynote presentation entitled "BioFuelNet and the Conversation of the Forest Biomass". He will highlight the collaboration between FPInnovations and universities to support the industry transformation.

Delegates have a lot to look forward to in terms of technical sessions and FPInnovations' researchers and scientists have been busy preparing presentations to highlight the latest game-changing innovations in the Canadian pulp and paper sector. Without a doubt, Canada is at the forefront of the international race to develop game-changing technology and eco-friendly materials and FPInnovations has been at the center of many of the exciting technological advances.

On Tuesday afternoon, FPInnovations' StéphaneLarivière and Zhirun Yuan are chairing the tissue and technical tracks, respectively, where technical presentations on the fundamentals of tissue manufacturing and properties and mechanical pulping will be given by FPInnovations staff: Jessica Carrette, Joseph Aspler, Alois Vanerek, Daniel Ricard and QuanqingZha.

On Wednesday, February 4, FPInnovations' research manager Xuejun Zou will talk about enhancing tissue manufacturing efficiency and performance using new measurement tools during the morning sessions, while FPInnovations researcher Shree Prakesh Mishra will talk about mill implementation of the near neutral chlorine dioxide brightening technology in the afternoon.

The complete conference program and schedule are available for download at