Ottawa Wants to Hear from You on Clean Tech!

Heather Lynch

The Federal government is looking to spark a dialogue with Canadians about what clean technology means to them. The online discussion forum encourages participants to share their thoughts and ideas on what the country can do to move towards cleaner energy in the future.

Recognizing that sustainable development is a critical piece in ensuring a cleaner future and a more prosperous economy for Canada, the Government launched the initiative by underscoring that clean technology will enhance both the competitiveness and sustainability of our natural resource sectors as we transition to a low-carbon economy. Building on that premise, the online discussion includes a variety of ways for Canadians to engage on the topic; polls, interactive discussions and the ability to ask questions and receive informed answers are just some of the tools the site has made available in an effort to seek involvement from the Canadian public.

Input is sought from the widest possible range of participants, including students, farmers, researchers, clean-technology producers, and interested individuals. For anyone who may be working on a proposal on clean technology in the natural resource sectors, the site offers the capacity to upload documents such as research or 'backgrounders' for sharing. The online discussion forum is supported by guided questions that participants can respond to directly. Examples of topics include, 'what are your thoughts on our proposed Strategy for advancing clean technology in the natural resource sectors? What roles do you see for the federal government and other partners? Or, 'What challenges and obstacles do clean technology producers, natural resource industries and communities face in developing and adopting clean technologies?'

For more information, or to join in the conversation, visit