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Resolute is the number one producer of newsprint in the world, with eight mills strategically located to serve major markets throughout North America and abroad.

In a deal, the JPP acquired the complete share capital of RADMS Paper Limited, the company of Premier’s holding.

Canada's political leaders could learn a thing or two about interprovincial co-operation from the pilots helping to save Quebec's most valuable forests from the scourge of the spruce budworm.

A fresh approach to controlling the infestation of spruce budworm in New Brunswick forests has surpassed expectations and minimized the effect of the devastating insect, according to the project's lead scientist.

Western Forests Products and the union representing about 2,600 striking forest workers in British Columbia say both sides want to begin negotiations but can't agree on a mediator.

Santiago, July 12, 2019 - In relation to the information published by the National Consumer Protection (Sernac) regarding the closure of the process of restitution to consumers and the distribution of diapers to the beneficiaries of the program Subsistema de Protección Integral a la Infancia Chile Crece Contigo, Empresas CMPC states that:

Effective forest management requires collaboration and cooperation between First Nations, industry, and government.

Wood fiber costs for softwood pulp manufacturers in 16 countries have gone up the past two years, and as a result, in the 1Q/19, the SFPI price index reached its highest level in five years, reports the WRQ

Encouraged by what they learned during last year’s test campaign, FPInnovations and its partners plan to continue evaluating cooperative truck platooning technology in the coming months. This year’s goals are more ambitious.

Driven by a competitive market, FPInnovations’ Forestry 4.0 initiative aims at automating the forest operation sector. However, a lack of adequate communication networks reaching remote locations is a barrier to real-time supply chain management data for forestry operations.

We are pleased to announce that a redesigned FPInnovations website is now live and ready for you to check out!

Sawlog prices declined the most in Central Europe, Western US and Russia, reports the WRQ

Recovery boilers are a critical component in the economical and safe operation of a modern kraft paper mill. Unscheduled, unnecessary downtime puts severe pressure on other mill operations which can reduce overall mill profitability.

At DS Smith Tecnicarton we are committed to prevention and the internal training of our employees as a guarantee of safety at work

The Reel-Jettm system provides the highest turn up efficiency in the marketand significantly reduces spool loss.

Do you know what reliability is worth in your plant?  If not, it is a good idea to figure out how much a 1% increase or decrease in reliability is worth.  Here is a couple of ideas on how to do so. 

Automatic Handling has been providing material handling technology to the paper industry for decades. The Erie, Michigan based company focuses its expertise on improving paper manufacturing operations.

Sustana Group has brought back an historic Canadian papermaking name while developing some groundbreaking technology.

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Smithers recently announced the agenda lineup for the 2019 edition of Specialty Papers US, taking place in Milwaukee, WI, Sept. 30 – Oct. 2.

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