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On August 5, 2019, we fulfilled our commitment to permanently phase out single-use plastic bottles across all our facilities, offices and woodlands operations.

Bulgaria has become the latest member to achieve PEFC endorsement of its national forest certification system. The PEFC General Assembly voted for the endorsement of the Bulgarian system in a postal ballot.

ACE Brussels is pleased to announce that the recycling rate for beverage cartons in the EU28 rose to 49% in 2018. This is a small (1%), but steady increase in the EU beverage carton recycling rate from the previous year.

Ask companies working in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) sector and they’ll tell you that gaining a competitive edge can be a challenge. Shoppers are inundated with choice and standing out, both in and out of the store, is tough.

The B.C. government has launched another round of talks on the future of the province’s old-growth forests. While they talk, logging those forests continues apace.

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (NBC26) -- Paper is a multi-billion dollar industry in Northeast Wisconsin and a lot of work is needed to turn a tree into paper products that you use.

Lignin is gaining an ever increasing interest from researchers as well as from forest, plastic and energy industries. Having been mainly regarded and used as an energy source by the pulp and paper industry in the past, it is now also seen as a renewable raw material with great potential for an array of products replacing those fossil-based.

Machine operators have a huge impact on fuel efficiency and productivity. The difference in productivity between the worst and best operators can be as much as 30%, while proper maintenance of a machine can result in significant fuel savings. To help its members increase their productivity, FPInnovations offers Smart Operator for Forestry workshops across Canada.

Scientists in FPInnovations’ wildfire operations research and fibre-supply are combining their expertise in a joint research project with the city of Quesnel, B.C., funded in part by the Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia, to better understand how harvesting techniques can reduce hazardous vegetative fuel to lower the threat of catastrophic wildfires near urban areas while preserving a forest’s ecosystem.

The recovery rate of Ontario’s residential Blue Box system has slipped again, to its lowest level since 2005. According to Stewardship Ontario, the 2018 recovery rate was 60.2%, just barely above the mandated provincial target.

BioDesign, a consortium of companies, associations, academic and research institutions from several sectors (including FPInnovations), is formed around a collective mission from the public and private sectors to make Canada a low-carbon industrial bioeconomy leader.

According to Natural Resources Canada, more than 60 percent of the total energy usage in residential buildings goes towards space heating1; a huge outlay, particularly considering the trend of increasing heating fuel prices.

In the past, managing the dryer section of a paper machine for high performance required operators to be dryer section, steam, and control system experts.

Valmet is taking process automation further by introducing a new web-based user interface for its Valmet DNA automation system. Leveraging modern web technologies, the innovative Valmet DNA User Interface (DNA UI) extends the use of automation system beyond the traditional control room.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö and Metsä Fibre continue collaboration in safety. A pilot program started with cross-audits in both companies’ production facilities in Finland in late 2018.

Greif’s paper recycling plant in Dalton, Georgia reached an impressive safety milestone in October, operating seven years without a medical case. This achievement by the Dalton team supports the company’s aspiration of achieving zero accidents worldwide.

The Dominican Group César Iglesias successfully started up a second generation TT SYD at its paper mill in Santo Domingo. Following start-up, the mill has observed a marked increase of production capacity and important energy savings in the drying section.

Valmet is the first company in the world to offer roll covers based on biomaterials and recycled materials for board, paper, tissue and pulp making.

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The Board of Directors of BillerudKorsnäs AB has appointed the current Chairman of the Board, Lennart Holm, as acting CEO from November 5, 2019. Petra Einarsson leaves as CEO with immediate effect.

Electric vehicles have been turning the tide in the automotive industry in terms of making cars better for the environment. But Japan’s Ministry of the Environment believed we could do better—and the result is an unprecedented supercar made entirely of wood.

OLYMPIA — The state Department of Commerce awarded $482,768 in grants to four projects that will provide heat, power, engineered fuel products or significant energy efficiency improvements from wood products.

The PAPTAC Papermaking Technology Committee (PMTC) and TAPPI’s Papermaking Technology and Operations Committee will be co-hosting a new webinar on November 19, on “Best Practices for Building Ventilation Improvements and Efficiency”.

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