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The PAPTAC Alkaline Pulping Committee (APC) is hosting a meeting at Resolute Thunder Bay, to be held October 22 & 23, 2019, chaired by Mike Thorne.

A major packaging firm is looking to make its base in Flintshire the largest it runs in the UK as demand for business grows.

The past week brought several significant recycled paper capacity announcements, indicating future domestic outlets for mixed paper and OCC.

For filmmaker David Craig, a new documentary depicting the fraught emotions over the future of a rural Nova Scotia pulp mill is not solely a local story.

Molson Coors launches new packaging strategy while continuing progress toward its comprehensive 2025 sustainability goals

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Aug. 12, 2019 - Kruger Products L.P., Canada's leading manufacturer of in-home and away-from-home tissue products, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) have formed a new, three-year partnership.

Tight supply of hardwood fiber in the Pacific Rim have pushed prices for Latin American hardwood chips upward during the first half of 2019, reports the WRQ. However, a decline in chip consumption in China is expected to occur in the second half of the year, which would likely end the most recent price rally that started in mid-2018.

The crash earlier this year of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max that took the lives of all passengers and crew aboard appears to have been caused by the combination of an angle-of-attack sensor that was sending an incorrect signal and control software that reacted to this signal, not allowing the pilot to override it.

Large volumes of storm and insect damaged trees in Germany have resulted in an oversupply of logs and declining sawlog prices in 2018 and 2019, reports the WRQ.

These are the words in the Ocean Plastics Charter that Canada signed along with other G7 countries except Japan and the US. But what do they actually mean?

Learn more about the issues that affect the forest industry and how FPInnovations’ research and development projects and initiatives are making a difference.

Increasingly, bio-sourced products derived from biomass are gaining attention in the pulp and paper industry. For hardwood kraft-dissolving pulp mills, the production of furfural would not only enhance the use of biomass, but also generate additional revenue, and create a reliable source of furfural in North America.

Many papermakers look at the life of the closing or the cost of the clothing per ton. Long clothing life and low clothing costs are good, but, on their own, neither of these are good metrics for clothing performance.

International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully started up the PrimeLineCOMPACT tissue production line, including stock preparation, delivered to Africaine Paper Mills (APM) in Algeria.

A person’s physical and mental health directly affects her or his ability to work safely. This is why our well-being and safety initiatives go hand in hand. By helping to keep our colleagues healthy, we’re creating a safer workplace at Domtar.

Some of the jobs being performed by today’s technicians don’t even have names or descriptions, yet, and are being added on the fly to keep up with today’s innovative tools and advanced equipment condition-monitoring techniques.

Recently Kadant achieved a sales milestone with 1,000 M-clean systems sold worldwide. M-clean Papertech AB was acquired by Kadant Inc. in 2011 for its patented technology, predominately in dryer screen cleaning in the paper and pulp industry.

HEIDENHEIM, Germany. With SupremeFilm, Voith is enhancing its product range for film presses with a new high-performance roll cover made from polyurethane (PU).

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Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.’s request to upgrade and expand production at its plant in Williams Lake was unanimously approved by city council at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

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