Benefits of Oil Flow Monitoring Systems


Process industries such as pulp & paper use circulating oil lubrication systems to support long-term performance of equipment.  

 The purpose of circulating oil is twofold:

1)   Preventing equipment from experiencing premature wear, and

2)   Maintaining operating temperatures for optimal performance.

Mechanical breakdowns are expensive and disruptive.  Implementing an oil flow monitoring system can reduce downtime, increasing sustained production and revenues.  Ensuring that each individual lubrication point has a steady flow of circulating oil is important for keeping equipment running smoothly.

Circulating oil systems have other functions as well, including maintaining lubrication points at proper temperatures, filtering out moisture and impurities, and preventing equipment corrosion.

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Robust and cost-effective oil flow monitoring can be achieved through oil lubrication products and systems with positive displacement and variable area flow meters and custom monitoring panels that provide real-time feedback on fluctuations.  ESKO Pacific offers industry experience in lubrication systems.  Individual lubrication points can be monitored with single or multi-point flow meter banks.  Modern flow monitors allow in-line service during operation.  Various different flow rates within a meter bank are available with individual flow control valves.  A single inlet ensures simplified installation making banks of meters a cost-effective solution.

Additionally, custom options include low flow alarm options, pressure gauges with set pointers, special configurations, connections, and non-standard calibrations.  In rugged operating environments, features such as impact resistant tubes and easy to read scales are an added benefit.

For enhanced process control situations, oval gear meters in banks of up to 12 points are equipped with transparent covers providing high visibility of circulating oil and are insensitive to viscosity variations.  Oil flow monitoring stations for up to 64 oval gear meters with an interactive touch-screen display are available for larger oil flow monitoring systems.  Such monitoring systems allow user definable low, high and operating flow set points with alarms and remote monitoring to PC, DCS and PLC stations.

In any lubrication system, paying attention to oil condition is important.  Additionally, using effective monitoring equipment helps delivery of oil throughout the system, ensuring consistent equipment operation.  The experts at ESKO are available to discuss your lubrication system needs.

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