Is the drive power for a dryer with dryer bars higher than the drive power for a dryer without bars?

Process Optimization

It depends. The drive load increases exponentially as the dryer speed increases, until the condensate goes into a rimming condition. 

If the amount of condensate in the dryer is the same, the dryer with dryer bars (“spoiler bars”) will have higher drive power if the condensate is not rimming.

The dryer bars, however, cause the condensate to go into a rimming condition at a much lower speed than it would in a dryer without bars.

So, until the dryer without bars gets to a high enough speed for the condensate to rim, the dryer with bars will have a lower drive load. Once the condensate is rimming, the drive loads drop to a relatively low level, with the drive load for the dryer with bars being only slightly higher than the dryer without bars.

Source: Kadant