Innovative Pulper Technology For Resource Efficiency


With the cavitation pulper (KSL) Repulping Technology developed an innovative technology by using a physical phenomenon: cavitation.

repulping 3feb20 2

By using this procedure, it is possible to separate fibres from composite materials in a significantly better and more efficient way in comparison with conventional technology.

State of the art vs. Repulping Technology

Conventional pulpers always use the same principle: after water supply, the separation takes place with friction forces and shear stresses.

The cavitation pulper uses the principle of cavitation – so it is possible to separate fibre/fibre and fibre/non-fibre-material in an optimal way.

The benefit

As compared to conventional pulper technology, by using the cavitation technology you will benefit from a variety of advantages:

repulping 3feb20 3 

repulping 3feb20 4

Source: Repulping Technology


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