L&W Autoline automated paper and board testing system


Faster tests. More information. Better results.

Introducing the newest, fastest and most reliable automated paper testing system—from the company that pioneered the solution.

Manually gathering and testing paper samples is a time consuming process that can produce inaccuracies. 

Reducing measurement uncertainty or test variability is at the heart of what automating paper testing systems can provide paper mills.

ABB’s next-generation L&W Autoline is the fastest and most reliable automated paper testing solution, delivering accurate and repeatable quality reports in minutes.  Mills can make more informed decisions and take quicker corrective action, allowing the paper or board maker to shift production targets, and achieve more consistent performance--and higher profits. 

Improve product quality and minimize operational costs

ABB's L&W Autoline handles everything from sample preparation to the final reel report with minimal operator involvement. The scalable system provides: 

  • Measurement methods that conform to industry standards
  • Quick and accurate measurement and reporting of the most important paper properties 
  • Improved efficiency, supporting several paper machines and giving staff more time to focus on quality optimization

Source: ABB