Blaze at Kruger Tissue Plant Prompts Swift Response from Memphis Fire Department

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On May 2, 2023, at approximately 4:30 PM, the Memphis Fire Department received a report of a fire at the Kruger tissue plant located on Mahannah Ave. Fire crews responded promptly to the scene to contain and extinguish the flames.

Upon arrival, firefighters found heavy smoke and flames coming from one of the plant's buildings. All employees were accounted for, and no injuries were reported.

According to the Memphis Fire Department, the fire started in the production area of the building, which housed several machines used in the manufacturing process.

Kruger Products, the owner of the tissue plant, released a statement shortly after the fire, expressing their gratitude to the Memphis Fire Department for their quick response and heroic efforts in extinguishing the fire.

The Memphis Fire Department remained on the scene for several hours to ensure that the fire was fully extinguished and to conduct a thorough investigation. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.