Forestry expert claims British Columbia not in danger of becoming treeless despite industry challenges

Spar Tree Group forest expert David Elstone will discuss industry trends at the COFI convention in Prince George, April 13. Spar Tree Group photo

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A forestry expert in British Columbia, David Elstone, has claimed that while the forest industry in the province has faced significant challenges, the region is not in danger of becoming a treeless wasteland.

Speaking ahead of the Council of Forest Industries convention in Prince George, Elstone stated that British Columbia had around 57 million hectares of forest, but only 22 million hectares were being logged, with further constraints on what could be harvested. While there have been significant declines in lumber production due to factors such as pine beetle infestations, wildfires, and habitat protections, Elstone argued that roughly half of the province's forests were protected or constrained from logging.

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