Mondi celebrates eight wins at the 2021 WorldStar Packaging awards

Industry News

Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, received eight awards in three categories at this year’s WorldStar Packaging awards.

In this annual competition of the World Packaging Organisation, judges from 55 countries recognised achievements in packaging innovation and technologies worldwide, with a focus on sustainability, product protection and end-user convenience.

''We are delighted to be recognised in this way. It proves that once more Mondi is the home of innovation for our customers. Our in-house design teams, together with our partners, deliver innovative, sustainable solutions to various industries. One example is e-commerce packaging, where we are setting new standards in innovation. Our focus here is on reducing costs, material waste and contributing to a better world.'' - Armand Schoonbrood, COO, Mondi Corrugated Solutions

''Mondi is a pioneer in making packaging sustainable by design. Our EcoSolutions approach means we always evaluate the most suitable option for our customers and the end-user, offering paper where possible, plastic when useful. Our broad range of product innovations helps our customers reach their sustainability goals. Many of these products were made possible thanks to the extensive collaboration with our customers, so being honoured with eight WorldStar awards shows we’re moving in the right direction.''' - Peter Orisich, CEO of Mondi Flexible Packaging and Engineered Materials


Source: Mondi