PASABAN strengthens its presence in the U.S. with RPCS

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Pasaban will strengthen its presence in the United States thanks to a partnership with ROLAND PAPER CONVERTING SERVICES LLC, a well-known company in the paper converting industry.

This partnership with RPCS will help us offer a top-class local service in the U.S.

Each market is important but you have to make an extra effort in the world's leading ones. It is not enough to have a service overseas. You have to be near your customers when they need it. This is the case in the US. Its size and the importance of this market are two of the reasons behind the cooperation with Roland’s company. The main difference is the proximity because thanks to Roland, we can offer a quick and close response in the field. Having someone close to our customers for everything they may need.

So, together with Roland, we will offer a comprehensive after-sales service for Paper Converting Equipment and the following services:

  • Troubleshooting Consulting & Repair.
  • Remote Technical assistance.
  • Upgrades & Rebuilds.
  • Maintenance training.
  • Machine relocation.
  • Spare parts

Read this conversation between Roland G Fickeisen, the owner of RPCS, and Carlos Muriel, Sales & Marketing Director of Pasaban to understand why we are so proud of this cooperation.

1. What are the reasons why Pasaban stands out from other companies in the U.S?

Carlos“The quality and precision of our machines have always been a benchmark in the market, but if there is something that can differentiate us from our competitors is the capability to offer completely customized and automated solutions.

Founded in 1928 we are committed to providing the paper industry with high quality, customized converting machines and solutions. Today we have more than 500 machines installed around the world offering a fast, professional, and close service.

Pasaban has been doing business since the 1980’s in the US acquiring excellent customers of different profiles which we really appreciate and we try daily to improve our portfolio of solutions and services to offer a better opportunity for these and for the new ones to come helping them to make more valuable and competitive their businesses”

We want to continue to expand in the U.S market and we strongly believe that Pasaban’s offering and know-how can satisfactorily solve the requirements of the mills, converters, and packagers there.”

2. Why is PAPER CONVERTING SERVICES LLC a great cooperation/partner? What value does it bring to the table?

It is clear that with this collaboration the winner is the end customer because Pasaban's expertise is combined with the closeness that RPCS can offer.

Carlos“Roland Paper Converting Services is a highly recognized company in the United States. We consider someone with his status and quality of service to be an unbeatable partner for Pasaban.” 

Roland“Together, we have sufficient capacity to offer great on-site service. This could mark a differential point since we believe that experience is crucial when it comes to offering a service.”

3. What is the paper converting US market like and what are the most valued characteristics?

Roland“There is a quite big paper converting industry in the US but there are, to a lesser extent, still some big mills that may require this kind of equipment. In this sense, Pasaban and other converting equipment providers play an important role in satisfying this demand.”

Carlos“The key elements here are Customization, Quality, and Price.

We work with big companies like Georgia Pacific, International Paper, WestRock, Domtar, Rayonier, Metsa Board, Stora Enso, Iggesund, MM. but also, with medium & smaller mill or converters such as Atlantic Packaging, Progressive Converting, Crusader, Norpak, Menasha, Alpha Prime, Pyroll, Okab, Comart, Autajon, Huhtamaki, Delta Pack… among others so our experience and solutions are wide and always in continuous improvement”

4. In the paper converting industry, and talking about sheet-size or finished reels, which are the most demanded equipment? 

Roland“This is not an easy question to answer since the demand is driven by consumer habits and requirements. But from my point of view and based on my 30-year experience in the market, one of the most demanded equipment are;

On one hand, the Folio-size sheeters. This kind of equipment is mostly demanded by mills or converters with medium to high production requirements. These machines are not as common as in Europe or other Easter’s countries but I would say that there is also some demand here in the U.S.

Large Cut-Size Machines are also in demand. However there is still demands in Digital-size sheeting machines and flexible small Machines.”

Carlos“These kinds of machines are highly versatile and flexible, capable of cutting different sizes based on the final customer demand.”

5. Do US customers require turnkey projects and maintenance contracts? 

Roland“Indeed, if something is clear is that more and more customers require a comprehensive solution and proper maintenance”.

Carlos“In this regard, one of our main strengths is the capability to offer turnkey projects as we can customize every detail of the equipment to our customers. This makes us the perfect fit for very complex projects and able to provide a high-quality solution and response.

In addition, if we combine this with the service that Roland provides in the field, we can offer a comprehensive solution to our customers”.

6. Any other matter that you would like to mention? 

Carlos“Pasaban is nowadays a top-class reference worldwide. So, thanks to its expertise it is a trustworthy partner. One of the main characteristics that define Pasaban and make their customers choose this brand is their technical know-how and trust.

Together we can offer a technical quality and a service of total confidence. We will accompany our customers from start to finish, advising and offering great after-sales service”.

Source: Pasaban