PulPac ramp up US expansion and announces new tooling partner in Tek Pak

Source: PulPac

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As the demand for sustainable packaging solutions increases worldwide, Swedish innovative packaging company, PulPac, ramps up its US expansion with tooling partner Tek Pak.

Earlier this year, the Swedes announced they are setting up their own demonstration site, and they’ve already partnered with industry leaders in the market.


– Tony Beyer, Owner of Tek Pak, Inc.

After its success at the Interpack fair in Düsseldorf last month, Swedish innovative packaging company, PulPac, keeps momentum and ramps up its ongoing US expansion. Tek Pak, based in ST. Charles, Illinois, creates precision thermoforming and prides itself on being one of the fastest tooling suppliers in the North American market. Since 1992, they’ve provided the medical, electronics, and consumer markets with quick-turn rapid prototyping and short to long-run production thermoforming. Solutions that give their customers competitive advantages in their respective markets.

“We take our commitment to producing environmental and sustainability packaging seriously at Tek Pak. Having the opportunity to work closely with PulPac to provide tools for dry fiber manufacturing will give our customers a new, exciting, and innovative packaging option,” says Tony Beyer, Owner of Tek Pak, Inc.

PulPac and their patented Dry Molded Fiber technology and machine platform are groundbreaking. The manufacturing process turns renewable pulp into high-performance packaging. The technology uses much less water and energy than traditional wet-forming and has the same output and cost-efficiency as plastic processing.

“We are really impressed by Tek Pak. Their dedication to speed, quality, and technology is what we’re looking for in a partner, as the demand for sustainable packaging solutions increases worldwide,” says PulPac Chief Partnership Officer Viktor Börjesson. When PulPac showcased Dry Molded Fiber at the Interpack fair in Düsseldorf in May, the interest in the novel technology was massive. Viktor Börjesson again: “People are stunned when we present data that shows Dry Molded Fiber manufacturing is on par with plastic in cost-efficiency and output speed.”

“Tek Pak was built for quality and speed; known for meeting and exceeding client expectations,” comments Tony Beyer. “We are dedicated to providing the finest thermoforming tools with expedited turnaround times, ISO certified, and committed to the highest industrial manufacturing and safety standards.”

“In the industrialized world, time is money,” says Viktor, and concludes, “And the clock still ticks. So making the technology accessible, being agile, and developing prototypes are key factors if we want to keep up with market needs. Tek Pak’s track record speaks for itself, and we know what they are capable of.”

Following on PulPac’s community approach to enable a wide and ever-growing network globally within the Dry Molded Fiber breakthrough technology, this partnership is non-exclusive.

About PulPac

PulPac is a Swedish Reasearch & Development company specializing in a cutting-edge technology for fiber-based, sustainable packaging. They develop the Dry Molded Fiber technology, and together with specialized partners within a global network, they provide the packaging industry with a cost and energy efficient packaging alternative to replace unnecessary single-use plastic. Learn more at pulpac.com.

About Dry Molded Fiber

PulPac’s patented technology turns generic pulp into almost any three-dimensional shape. With added barrier chemistry, Dry Molded Fiber offers a simple yet brilliant solution to manufacture sustainable packaging solutions, that are biodegradable, highly recyclable ones. And process is as fast as plastic processing, only more energy and cost-efficient. Plus, it uses almost no water, which enables a cost-competitive product with a significantly lower climate impact.

About Tek Pak, Inc.

Tek Pak, Inc. is a global manufacturing company specializing in thermoforming tooling and providing light gauge thermoform, molded fiber, and packaging solutions for electronic, food, healthcare, and industrial industries from design concept through prototype and production. Headquartered in St. Charles, Illinois, Tek Pak remains a closely held private corporation with five facilities in the western suburbs of Chicago. The company provides the most comprehensive, high-quality, and fastest light gauge thermoforming development in the world. For more information, please visit tekpak.com or call (630) 406 0560.

Source: PulPac