Upscaling and validation to enable new sustainable packaging

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A consortium of Pulpac, AR Packaging and RISE will develop and commercially validate ten standardized product concepts within different packaging and single-use applications manufactured with a new forming technology, Dry Molded Fiber.

In order to achieve a sustainable material system, the virgin plastic input must be reduced. This can only be done by implementing new circular business models and a transition to renewable materials.

A new project, supported by the Swedish Innovation Agency, will enable rapid upscaling and dissemination of Pulpac’s patented Dry Molded Fiber technology with ready to use and validated designs. RISE part in this project will be to take lead in validating the products’ recyclability, biodegradability and compostability as well as perform Life Cycle Analyses and examine consumer preferences in the categories.

“RISE is proud to partner with PulPac and AR Packaging in co-developing these products for global market introduction of Dry Molded Fiber. We are confident that sustainable cellulose-based materials are the key to replacing fossil-based plastics and the dry forming process is definitely an enabler with large and interesting capacity,” says Helena Halonen, Project Manager at RISE.

“PulPac’s development continues to accelerate, and we see much value in this Consortium with RISE and AR Packaging, and the support from the Swedish Innovation Agency. We see this project of standardizing DMF-solutions in commodity categories for maximum spread and uptake – as any licensee can utilize the results – as a strong testament to both our business model and vision to replace single-use plastics at scale,” comments Linus Larsson, Chief Executive Officer at PulPac AB.

“Given Dry Molded Fiber’s unique blend of sustainability, global scalability and cost efficiency we at AR Packaging were early to join the PulPac Technology Pool and are heavily supporting the development. Consumers and the industry alike are seeking a shift to fiber wherever possible. Consequently, we are proud to support these efforts to standardize key product categories, with our long experience in the packaging market and deep insights in the converting industry, offering a much faster path to market and greater spread for this breakthrough technology,” says Ralf Mack, Group Innovation Director at AR Packaging.

Source: RISE