2021 Performance and New Targets: Fiber Sourcing

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Public commitments drive Resolute’s sustainability performance. Our sustainability strategy combines ambitious long-term objectives, annually revised targets and aspirational goals, carefully measured in the spirit of continuous improvement.

In this blog series, 2021 Performance and New Targets, we’re recapping our 2021 achievements, sharing highlights of our progress, and affirming our targets for 2022 and beyond. 

How we source fiber responsibly 

Forest certification and fiber tracking help to ensure the sustainability of our fiber supply and other forest values, including biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services. Strict adherence to internationally recognized forest management and chain of custody (CoC) standards demonstrates to our customers that the wood fiber we utilize originates from responsible sources. 

  • Fiber sourcing and management 
    • Certification: 
    • Fiber efficiency: 
      • We met our target to record fiber losses of no more than 40 kg per metric ton (mt), with losses of 39.3 kg per mt. 
      • We established annual fiber loss targets for each of our pulp, paper and tissue mills. 
      • All of our facilities have set fiber targets for 2022, and our company-wide fiber loss target is set at no more than 39 kg per mt. 

Learn more about our fiber sourcing commitments, progress, 2022 targets and more on theForestry and Fiber Sourcing page of our website.

Source: The Resolute Blog