Voith joins sustainability alliance 4evergreen

New, sustainable and fiber-based packaging as well as optimized recycling processes are being developed at the state-of-the-art Voith Fiber Technology Center in Heidenheim, now also as part of the 4evergreen alliance.

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  • As a member, Voith is committed to strengthening the contribution of fiber-based packaging in a circular and sustainable economy.
  • The goal of the alliance is to increase the recycling rate of fiber-based packaging to over 90% by 2030.
  • The 4evergreen initiative brings together companies along the entire value chain of flexible packaging solutions.

HEIDENHEIM, Germany. Voith recently joined the 4evergreen alliance, an association of more than 60 companies along the entire value chain of fiber-based packaging with the common goal of increasing the recycling rate of fiber-based packaging to over 90% by 2030. Various future projects are planned as part of the alliance.

Voith has been strongly committed to the optimized recycling of paper and the development of sustainable products and processes for many years. With innovative technologies, the company plays a leading role in the market. In Heidenheim at the Fiber Technology Center, for example, Voith is conducting research on optimized recycling processes to reduce fiber loss as well as energy and water consumption.

''We are very pleased to be part of the 4evergreen initiative. The cross-industry alliance's goal of driving sustainable, recyclable fiber-based packaging solutions fits perfectly with Voith's DNA and our vision to improve our world with highly sustainable and efficient technologies.'' - Dr. Bernd Gueldenberg, Senior Vice President Research & Development at Voith Paper

The pilot plant consists of all relevant stock preparation machines installed in full scale. A flexible design allows any combination of the individual process stages to work with each other. Supported by state-of-the-art sensor technology, automatic process data acquisition and extensive laboratory analyses, the recycling processes of tomorrow are developed at the Fiber Technology Center. Also within the framework of the 4evergreen initiative, the Fiber Technology Center enables the knowledge gained to be transferred into practice, thus promoting the joint development of innovative and sustainable strategies.

voith 28june21 2Voith has been developing and implementing sustainable concepts for many years, so membership in the 4evergreen alliance fits perfectly with Voith's strategy.

Discover Voith's sustainable product and process portfolio: voith.com/paper-sustainability.
For more information on our Technology Center, visit: voith.com/technology-center.

About the 4evergreen Alliance

The alliance includes paper and board producers, packaging producers and converters, food and beverage producers, food distributors, technology and material suppliers, waste paper sorters and collectors, as well as research institutes and technical universities. In 2019, the European paper industry association Cepi founded the 4evergreen initiative due to increasing consumer demand for fiber-based and sustainable packaging solutions. Together, members are working on innovative concepts to find solutions to global societal challenges, such as climate change and resource scarcity, with the help of fiber-based packaging.

Source: Voith