Commercial thinning workshop on Vancouver Island draws capacity attendance

Event News

FPInnovations and Natural Resources Canada jointly held a commercial-thinning workshop on November 13 in Campbell River, B.C. that drew over 30 participants.

Forest professionals from across Vancouver Island came to learn about how commercial thinning is an important silvicultural tool to manage forests for value, fibre recovery, and resilience.

A how-to for B.C. forest professionals

Those in attendance learned how to improve stand quality and vigour over the long term and how to use commercial thinning and partial cutting to manage a range of resource values and management objectives along with practical advice on implementation.

event news1 25nov19 2 The day-long workshop involved a morning classroom session followed by afternoon field visits to harvesting sites. The morning session focused on technical presentations and discussions while the afternoon was spent at three diverse field sites: a commercial thinning site that was treated 20 years ago, a recently treated site, and a 33-year-old Douglas-fir stand that has potential for commercial thinning in the near future.

FPInnovationsevent news1 25nov19 3 presenters were fibre supply managers, Ken Byrne and Philippe Meek, and industry advisor Colin Koszman. Research scientist, Jean-Martin Lussier and forest research project leader, Derek Sattler, presented on behalf of Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Wood Fibre Centre.

A potential boon to the B.C. forest industry

Under the right stand conditions and markets, commercial thinning is a tool that can be used to increase fibre utilization that may otherwise be lost to mortality and provide stand enhancement for diverse resource value in B.C.’s forests.

“Moving forward, FPInnovations will continue to support our members and strategic partners in understanding how commercial thinning can be applied to their operations with different management objectives that exist in coastal B.C.,” said Koszman. “We’ll be working to publish an FPInnovations commercial thinning BMP guide in the spring of 2020, which is intended to help with the implementation of these practices.”

event news1 25nov19 4FPInnovations has been a long-standing proponent of commercial thinning and has facilitated implementation of this long-standing harvesting practice from Europe and Eastern Canada, in Western Canada through government partnerships, research projects, and educational seminars, such as this one in Campbell River for coastal members.

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Source: FPInnovations