OPTIMA: Toscotec’s commitment to keep the paper characteristics during the rewinding phase.

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Discover the benefits of Toscotec solutions with our webinar! 

Day: May 27th 2021
Time: 10:30 A.M. (GMT+2) Asian and EMEA Market
Time: 03:30 P.M. (GMT+2) West European and American Market
Title: OPTIMA Tissue Rewinders: NIP control solutions to preserve quality.

Making a correct rewinding process allows a reel preparation for downstream converting operations, eliminating macro defects and implementing additional characteristics to the paper. A Rewinder machine permits a flexible layout giving the possibility to install other equipment that is able to increase the paper characteristics. Therefore, giving an overall improved process efficiency.

Choosing the most suitable technology is a key point to be able to reach your goal.
Toscotec would like to welcome you to a 1-hour live webinar in which you will learn about the innovative OPTIMA Rewinders offered by Toscotec.
They are fitted with a dedicated control system of all winding operations, which, in connection with a customized software, can adjust the NIP control automatically.
Topics covered during the webinar include technical features, benefits and maintenance operations.

You are welcome to share your issues and ask any questions you like; our experts will be happy to have a live interaction with all of you.

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Source: Toscotec